Hudson -- A First & Main restaurant owner is now sharing ownership with his friend, who has joined the restaurant business after retiring from General Motors after 35 years.

Ron DeLollis, who has been a partner of Luchita's Mexican Restaurant, 36 Park Lane, since 2005, added his friend, Bill Evans, as his 50/50 partner in October. The name of the restaurant has changed to Luchita's Mexican Grill and Tequila Bar, as well.

DeLollis said the 3,000-square-foot restaurant offers authentic and unique Mexican food, prepared by Head Chef Florentino Camta, who has 22 years of cooking experience, and Chef Juan Cruz, who been with Luchita's for nine years. The restaurant has 21 full-time and part-time employees, including Terese DeLollis, who helps with the day to day operations.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and will be offering breakfast on Sundays beginning at 10 a.m. The cantina bar, which offers 70 different tequilas, is open as long as patrons are there, DeLollis said.

DeLollis, who has worked for Ferro Corp. for 23 years, became partners in the restaurant business seven years ago with Alex Galindo, who named the restaurants after his mother, Luchita. After 22 years in the daily operations, Galindo took on a consulting role, and DeLollis began looking for a new partner.

Evans had just retired from General Motors in September after working for the company for 35 years in a variety of manufacturing and engineering managing roles throughout the Midwest.

"I took the weekend off and started working at the restaurant on Monday," Evans said.

His last role for GM was launching the Chevrolet Cruze at Lordstown, the 11th facility he worked at during his career. Evans had worked all his life in factories and wanted something different.

"After all these years with GM, I made myself a promise," Evans said. "No matter what I did, it would be in a building with lots of windows or be outside."

Luchita's has lots of windows and an outdoor patio.

"It felt good in my heart," Evans said. "I think God has a lot of intervention, so when it feels right, I try not to over analyze it."

Evans moved to Hudson more than four years ago, renovating a 1921 American bungalow, which was in the Home and Garden Tour in 2011. Evans said he considers going out to a nice dinner a treat, and the first restaurant he ate at in town was Luchita's.

"I was looking for something different to do in life for the next 10 years and when the restaurant opportunity came along, I couldn't believe it," Evans said.