Hudson -- Council members Jan. 8 at 7:15 p.m. at Town Hall will choose a replacement for John Jeffers vacated seat on Council. Jeffers represented Ward 4 for more than nine years. He resigned Dec. 11 to spend more time with his family, travel and pursue philanthropic work.

Residents who applied for the position were interviewed by Council members and include Ryan Beam, Rafael McLaughlin, Dean Rollanda and Keith Smith. The person chosen will be sworn in Jan. 8. He will have to run in November for the seat.

The Council workshop will follow at 7:30 p.m. The agenda includes:

1. Resolution for bids of the four annual road programs of line striping, crack sealing, concrete replacement and asphalt resurfacing and reconstruction.

2. Resolution for the Norton Road STP resurfacing project which will involve asphalt planning, full depth repairs, intermediate asphalt course, loop detectors and pavement striping along Norton Road from state Route 91 to Stow Road.

3. Ordinance establishing a new Medical Self-Insurance Fund to account for the financial activity of the newly established health reimbursement account for city employees. The revenue in the fund will come from charges to other operating funds and the expenses will consist of medical claim payments for employee deductibles. The city is using a third party administrator, Health Equity Inc., for the payment of the claims.

4. A presentation by the police department with overview of the police department, updates on major initiatives.

5. Ordinance amending the city's pay range structure for non-bargaining employees. The pay steps provided in the pay range structure chart have been increased by 1.015 percent of the 2012 pay range structure figures.

6. Any additional business added by Council members.


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