Tallmadge -- This Christmas, the Tallmadge Historical Society has adorned its museum in the Old Town Hall more elaborately than it has in recent years. And the plan for next season is to top it.

"We like to try to make the decorations look like what they would have had during the Civil War or pre-Civil War period," Leesa Hileman, co-curator of the museum, said.

More wreaths, greenery and red bows are scattered throughout displays on the second floor the building at the center of the Circle, including a portico that was donated to the museum before the 1970s.

A display of stuffed animals, dolls and a Gingerbread house illustrate what young girls throughout the decades wanted for Christmas.

"The Teddy bear was made for me by my sister from a blanket that was in my crib 75 or 76 years ago," said Reene Alley, the museum's other curator.

One of the dolls was given to Hileman when she was four years old. Because she played with it so much, the doll's head wore out, and her mother replaced the doll's head in the 1960s.

Christmas tree and other decorations deck the meeting space on the first floor of the building.

"We feel really fortunate that we were able to participate this year. We had a lot of fun," Alley said.

The decorations will be taken down at the end of the week.

The curators will garnish the museum for next Christmas at the beginning of November. Although the decor and possible new displays have yet to be finalized, ideas the curators have include erecting a village Christmas tree that would resemble the tall tree in the center of the Circle that's lit for the holidays each year or creating displays with Girl Scouts or military memorabilia.

Another idea the curators are considering is making the general store display look more like a general store by adding more replicas of goods customers would've bought.

The museum has items that date back to 1807, as well as some from the 20th Century.

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