Hudson -- An organization that hopes to find solutions to mankind's problems in nature is considering the former Youth Development Center property on Hines Hill Road for its new home.

The Great Lakes Biomimicry Collaborative -- a collaboration of Northeast Ohio organizations and individuals -- is looking for a location where it can build a facility to advance solutions found in biomimicry, a philosophy that believes nature has already solved many of the problems humans face.

People can find solutions to problems like energy, food production and climate change by studying nature, according to the

GLBio website.

Thomas Tyrrell, chairman and chief executive officer of GLBio, told Hudson City Council members Dec. 19 the organization had looked at the high school on the former Youth Development Center property, but determined it was too large and would need more than $2 million in renovations. However, the location is close to wetlands, park trails, roads and airports, characteristics GLBio is looking for, he said.

The high school at the YDC property is nearly 58,000 square feet, and Tyrrell said GLBio would only need about 6,000 to 10,000 square feet in space for five or six core people, three to four people focusing on education, and six to eight people focusing on economic development.

The city, which purchased the YDC property in 2009 from Cuyahoga County, plans to tear down the high school, along with 14 other buildings on the property.

GLBio is interested in building a new facility on the land near the wetlands, Tyrrell said. He asked Council to keep the organization in mind for future development.

GLBio is looking for a location in Northeast Ohio with necessary physical characteristics, infrastructure, and organizational and educational resources, but would not be ready to build anything for at least three years, Tyrrell said.

The three members of GLBio are working at raising funding with temporary offices at Lorain Community College. They hope to have a center at the University of Akron in the near future to set up curriculum and work on the educational, economic development and exploratory processes, Tyrrell said.

GLBio's concept is to bring corporations and students together to use biomimicry in this region, Tyrrell said.

"Combining education and economic development is formidable," he said.

The presentation at the Dec. 19 Council meeting was the first information that Council has been provided about GLBio, said Jody Roberts, city communication manager.

"No details or specifics were given, and Council has not had an opportunity to discuss this project," Roberts said. "I anticipate that Council will discuss this and/or other possibilities for the YDC property in the coming year."

Council is off for the holidays and will met Jan. 8 for a Council workshop. The regular Council meeting will be Jan. 16.


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