Stow and Munroe Falls officials say the effects of Winter Storm Euclid on the area were minimal at best.

The storm, which was predicted to dump up to a foot of snow in parts of Northeast Ohio Dec. 26, waned sooner than anticipated.

The National Weather Service had downgraded the corresponding winter storm warning on Dec. 26 to an advisory before 6 p.m. that evening. Overall accumulations around Stow and Munroe Falls ended up topping off around 6 inches.

"We were anticipating a lot more accumulation based on the forecast, so we built up for a much larger snowfall than we ended up getting," said Stow Public Service Director Mike Miller. "If the storm kept going into [Thursday], we might be talking differently."

Miller said traffic accidents were minimal, and none resulted in injuries. A parking ban was in place throughout Dec. 26 to help crews clear roads, Miller noted, but that ban was lifted the next day.

He noted there were two water main breaks, which have since been repaired.

Stow Police Sgt. Steven Dunton said police responded to about six traffic accidents in total Dec. 26, but noted none were "serious" and only resulted in property damage.

"They were all mostly spinouts or due to people not clearing their cars off," said Dunton. "Six is still more than usual, but considering the weather, we fared pretty good."

Miller said one accident on Route 8 near Seasons Road involved a car striking a plow from behind, but the truck's salt spinner absorbed most of the damage and was repaired that same day.

He said the plow driver slowed down to avoid a motorist who had spun out and hit the median, and a separate motorist slid into the back of the truck.

Other minor accidents, Dunton said, included a woman who was hit while backing out of her driveway and another woman who slid off the road and struck a telephone pole.

Munroe Falls Service Director Jim Bowery said the scene was similarly unremarkable in his city.

He described last week's snowstorm as "pretty typical."

"There were no major accidents that I've heard of," he said. "The blizzard didn't really make it, but that's OK."

By about 2:30 p.m. Dec. 26, Munroe Falls streets were well plowed, he added. Crews finished minor cleanups throughout other areas of the city throughout Thursday morning.

"Everything is done and we're ready for the next storm," he added.

Overall, Miller said he lauds the efforts of the city's plowing crews, adding that he was especially pleased with how Stow's portion of Route 8 was maintained.

"Route 8 up here looked really good," he said. "Our employees did a really good job as they always do in pulling together and making sure we had coverage."

Miller said service department crews are hopeful the mild winter will persist throughout the season.

"We had a light winter last year. We haven't had to deal with a lot of major storms this year, and hopefully, we won't have to deal with a whole lot more of them," Miller said. "This being the only storm this season, it's worked out pretty good for 2012.

"But we always plan for the worst and hope for the best," he added.


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