Cuyahoga Falls, Silver Lake -- City and village officials reported few problems in dealing with the first major offering from Old Man Winter.

Cuyahoga Falls and Silver Lake leaders said approximately 4 to 6 inches of snow fell in the area.

Valerie Wax Carr, service director for the city of Cuyahoga Falls, told the Falls News-Press in the early afternoon of Dec. 27, "Everything's been cleared."

When the storm slowed down sooner than expected at about 7 p.m. Dec. 26, Carr said that "gave us time to start getting caught up [on clearing and salting the roads]."

As is customary for this type of storm, the city issued a ban on parking along the streets while crews cleared the roads.

"We are serious when we call a snow ban on the streets," said Carr. "We want people to move their cars."

She noted the police department ticketed more than 60 vehicles that were parked along the roads.

Carr on Dec. 27 said there were not figures available yet on how much salt or brine had been used, nor did she have any data on how many overtime hours were used.

"There was some overtime, but for this kind of storm, I think we probably fared very well," said Carr. "Most of it was on straight time."

Falls Fire Chief Paul Moledor said his department responded to one "minor" accident that was weather-related.

Falls Police responded to 15 weather-related traffic accidents on Dec. 26, according to Sgt. Gary Merton.

Mark Lipan, service director for the village of Silver Lake, said police did not respond to any vehicle accidents that day, only a couple of disabled vehicles including one that ran out of gas.

Village crews used 80 to 90 tons of road salt, Lipan estimated, adding they concentrated on salting and plowing Kent and Graham roads during the day and then attended to secondary roadways at night.

"We're so small, we pretty much get everything," he said.

Lipan said the service department worked about 17 hours of overtime. He said he divided employees into two shifts, sending four workers out during the day, driving two trucks with plows and salt spreaders and two pickup trucks with plows. Two worked at night salting and plowing.

"We didn't have any problems," Lipan said, noting there were no water main breaks or vehicle breakdowns. "Somebody was looking out for us."


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