Hudson -- City Council unanimously approved the 2013 budget Dec. 19.

Council approved expenses at $19.57 million and revenue at $18.5 million, with a carryover of $8.8 million to 2014. The city is able to spend more than it collects and still maintain a carryover because of a carryover of nearly $10 million at the end of 2012.

The city aims for a carryover each year equal to at least 40 percent of the city's expenses.

The operating budget focuses on the general fund, which includes police, community development, administration, finance, engineering, public properties and public works departments. It also funds the county health district, RITA retainer, city solicitor, and City Council.

The city's total 2013 budget of $71.35 million, in addition to the general fund categories, includes debt service, capital projects, enterprise funds like Hudson Public Power, benefits and pensions, special revenue like cable TV funds, and trust funds like from the Hudson Library and Historical Society.


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General Fund expenses

( $19.57 million)

Transfer out$8.2 million

Police$4.3 million

Engineering $1.2 million

Public Properties $993,000

Community Development $973,000

Finance $920,000

Administration $871,000

Public Works $550,000

RITA retainer $392,000

Street trees and right of way $361,000

City Solicitor $310,000

County Health District $305,000

City Council and clerk$157,000