Aurora City Council will meet Thursday night (Dec. 20) at 6 in Town Hall to interview three candidates and select a successor to Ward 5 Councilman James Fisher, who has taken over the mayoral duties after the resignation of Lynn McGill.

The three candidates are Bent Creek Oval resident Daisy Alford-Smith, Cross Creek Oval resident Kathleen Grandillo and Hawthorne Drive resident, the Rev. Dr. R. James Tasker.

Council will peruse the candidates' resumes and ask each one questions before making the decision of who to name to the Ward 5 Council post. The selected person will be sworn in immediately after his or her selection, and will serve until the current term expires at the end of 2013.

The selected person can run for a full four-year term next November.

To see who gets the position, visit the Advocate's website after the Thursday meeting and read more details in the Advocate's Dec. 26 edition.