In the wake of the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn. Dec. 14, city, school and safety officials are collaborating to create a safety plan for all Stow and Munroe Falls schools.

"Stow Mayor Sara Drew announced today that the city of Stow, city of Munroe Falls and Stow-Munroe Falls School District are committed to ensuring the safety of every student, teacher, staff member and parent," read a press release from Drew's office. "To that end, representatives from those entities met earlier today at Stow City Hall and will continue to meet regularly with an eye toward a permanent and sustainable plan for school security."

The press release noted that various possible solutions were discussed including a potentially permanent police presence.

"The realities of staffing levels of the police departments of both cities, ability of the schools and cities to fund such an initiative and needs of the community at large will all figure into the permanent solution that is put in place," according to the release. "There will be continued communication with the community as discussions and actions continue."

"Our highest priority is the well-being and security of this community and our children," said Drew in the prepared statement. "As mayor of Stow, I, as well as Mayor Larson and Superintendent Jones, along with the organizations each represents, will be equal partners in this ongoing discussion. Additionally, we ask all community members to be participants in this process.

"It is as a community that we will design a solution to this issue," Drew added. "We continue to keep the families and community members of Newtown, Conn. in our thoughts and prayers and pledge to work together to ensure a lasting collaboration focused on the needs and well-being of the entire Stow-Munroe Falls community."

Check out this weekend's edition of the Stow Sentry for more information on the city's collaborative approach to school safety.


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