After 25 years of operation, the Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill is slated to close on Jan. 3, according to an official with the company which operates the theater.

The theater is part of a shopping plaza on Howe Avenue in Cuyahoga Falls which is owned by Visconsi Companies, Ltd. About four to five years ago, Visconsi hired Cleveland Cinemas to operate the theater, said David Huffman, director of marketing for Cleveland Cinemas.

Huffman said Visconsi has decided the property is going to be used for a new purpose, but Im not entirely sure what that purpose is. However, he added, its not going to be a theater.

A phone call to Wendy Gallo, a Visconsi official, was not immediately returned.

There are roughly 15 employees at the Plaza Cinemas, said Huffman, who added the company is trying to find positions for them at other locations. Cleveland Cinemas has eight locations in Northeast Ohio, with the site in Solon being the closest one to the Cuyahoga Falls theater.

Huffman noted he believed the theater has three full-time managers and added the remaining employees are part-time workers.

The Plaza Cinemas celebrated its 25th anniversary in October with special showings of movies that were released in 1987, including The Untouchables, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, said Huffman.