Hudson-- Middle school students turn 12 every day.

But few are able to celebrate it the way Hudson Middle School sixth-grader Mary Castrigano did.

Mary turned 12 on 12-12-12. She was born Dec. 12, 2000.

She said her 12th birthday "was very special."

"All my relatives texted me," Mary said. "And they all thought it was pretty cool, and I got flowers sent to me from my relatives that live in Colorado."

Mary also got some unique presents, like a special picture frame, which looked like a scrapbook page, to commemorate the day.

"I was really happy because my family really embraced that I was having a really good birthday this year," Mary said. "And it made it a really special one."

Mary also received a commemorative "Precious Moments" train car. A family friend has been giving Mary the train cars since she was 1.

"It's like a circus train, and each one has an animal and they all have something birthday related, like a party hat," Mary said. "The one I got this year was a panda sitting on a cake and it said 12."

Mary's mom, Nancy, made a birthday cake.

"This one was a double-layer cake with my mom's homemade buttermilk frosting," Mary said. "I decorated it and it had 12 candles."

Because it was on a school night, the family celebrated Mary's birthday with "a small family party," Nancy said.

"She told my mom, 'I've been waiting for this birthday my whole life,'" said Nancy, laughing.

One of the highlights of the day was a picture taken by Mary's social studies teacher, Jeffry Hildebrand, Nancy said.

"At 12 hours, 12 minutes and 12 seconds he took a picture of me under a big clock," Mary said. "But that's not like the actual time I was born, I just happened to be in his class at that time."

"Mary is a delightful girl and I love having her in my class," Hildebrand said. "She is very kind and helpful to all and her presence truly makes everyone's day a happier one."

Hildebrand took the picture "because I knew it was a special moment and something that she would remember for a long time.

"Stopping my class for a moment to celebrate her 12th birthday at 12:12.12 was a lot of fun and well worth the interruption."

Her parents enjoyed it, too.

"We just thought that was so special," Nancy said.

Nancy said she had fun watching her daughter enjoy the limelight.

"She is just the sweetest girl and lovely and kind and good," Nancy said. "So, for her it was extra special because she is such a good person. It was just a good week for her."

Mary sings, swims, and plays soccer and the alto saxophone.

"She loves music and has a beautiful voice," Nancy said. "And she is crazy about One Direction -- that crazy boy band."

Mary has an older sister, Katie, who is a freshman at Hudson High School.

Mary's father said there was one major difference from the night Mary was born and the night they celebrated her 12th birthday -- the weather.

"It was a giant blizzard that night [when she was born]," Greg said. "It was around 11 p.m. when we left."

Driving from the family's Hudson home to University Hospital in University Circle, the storm caused "white-out" conditions and added at least another 15 minutes to the drive, according to Greg.

"I remember it very well because I was driving and my wife was in labor," he said. "You never forget that."

Nancy wasn't sure they were going to make it in time and told Greg, "don't stop at any lights," he said.

About an hour after arriving at the hospital, Mary was born.

While Mary enjoyed this birthday, she is also looking forward to her 21st.

"It will be kinda cool when I'm 21," Mary said. "I'll be 21 on 12-12-21. It's the same numbers, just two of them are backwards."


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