Larry Landals, of Twinsburg Township, was elected and installed as Master of Summit Masonic Lodge No. 213, Free and Accepted Masons in Ohio, Nov. 17.

Landals was installed by his father, Ronald Landals, a past master of National Lodge No. 568. This 161st annual installation of officers was at Summit Masonic Temple on Shepard Road in Twinsburg.

In his position as Master, Landals is the presiding officer and head of the lodge. The title of "Master" instead of "President" reflects the Masonic tradition of using ceremonies and titles from the stonemasons of the Middle-Ages.

When the great cathedrals of Europe were being built, the mason in charge of a building site was referred to as a "Master of the work."

There are currently 512 local Masonic Lodges in Ohio with a combined membership of 100,000.

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