Because of technical difficulties with recording equipment in Council Chambers yesterday night, the public hearing on proposed legislation permitting crematoriums at funeral homes was put on hold.

Discussion and public comments will resume Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

Comments from citizens opposing the legislation outnumbered those speaking in its favor during the nearly hour-long hearing.

The issue was originally introduced to Council by representatives of Redmon Funeral Home who have said the business would like to install a crematory at its location on 3633 Darrow Road.

The city's only other funeral home is the Dunn-Quigley Funeral Home, located at 3333 Kent Road.

Several residents near the Redmon Funeral Home encouraged Council to oppose the legislation, citing concerns with how health and property values could be affected by a crematorium that would potentially operate near their homes.

Some said they weren't against the crematorium itself, but were simply uncomfortable with the facility being near residential properties.

Others encouraged the proposed legislation's approval, citing the benefits of a long-time Stow business improving its property. Some argued that fears for how health and property values would be impacted were unfounded.

City Council President Jim Costello stopped the hearing after learning the discussion wasn't being recorded because of equipment malfunctions.

Costello instructed citizens who spoke and had notes prepared to give their information to Council Clerk Helen Preebe so they could be added to the record.

Costello noted that the hearing would resume Thursday so anyone who wanted to restate their comments or didn't get a chance to speak would have an opportunity to before Council votes on the corresponding legislation.

The rest of the night's Council Committee meetings were conducted around a small digital recorder.


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