Cuyahoga Falls -- What the city school district should pay for use of the Natatorium for the adapted aquatics program will most likely be a topic of discussion at the Dec. 10 Board of Education meeting.

At the Nov. 19 Board meeting, a contract for the program was introduced with a total proposed cost of $13,675.30 for the school year. The adapted aquatics program is designed to "provide aquatic readiness, safety and swimming skills" for the district's special education students. The students attend the sessions on Tuesdays and have exclusive use of the therapy pool from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for a total of 67.5 hours.

It is also stipulated that the district's support staff "must be suited and ready to enter the water" during the students' program.

The contract, which would be between the city and the school district, designated $2,010.15 for the credentialed adapted aquatics instructor ($29.78 per hour)- $4,638.60 for two instructor aides ($34.36 per hour total for the two)- $772.87 for a lifeguard ($11.45 per hour)- $178.68 for six hours of instructor planning; and $6,075 for pool rental ($90 per hour).

It was the last cost that prompted discussion by Board members at the Nov. 19 meeting.

Board member Kellie Patterson noted the district could get yearly memberships for each of the 20-plus students for a quarter of the proposed cost of the contract.

"The cost just blew me away," she added.

Board president Dave Rump agreed, saying he was "uncomfortable" with the $90 per hour rental charge. He said he believed an agreement with the city "has always been we have free use of their facilities and they have free use of ours."

Rump stressed he did not have a problem with the program's concept, only the cost for the facility. He commended the treasurer for presenting the program's costs in a contract to the Board.

Treasurer David Hoskin said in the past, the district was billed and paid for the city services.

Rump suggested tabling the issue for the next meeting and having school officials "go back to the city to renegotiate."

A motion to table the contract for further discussion passed with a 4-1 vote, with Board member Dale Petty dissenting.

Hoskin told the Falls News-Press on Dec. 6 that the contract will be before the Board members at the Dec. 10 meeting with no changes in the amounts.


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