Northfield Village -- Village businesses will no longer be allowed to use temporary outside signs and the storage of recreational and other types of vehicles on residential property will be regulated.

Village Council approved amendments to its sign ordinances and approved new vehicle storage ordinances Nov. 28.

"I'm very happy that we're cleaning up the town," Mayor Jesse Nehez told the News Leader the following day. "This is part of our beautification effort."

The amended sign ordinances now ban temporary commercial signs outright. The amendments also clarify that no zoning permit is needed for political, real estate or development signs. They also remove restrictions on the size of political signs and how long they can be displayed, but bans their placement on publicly-owned signs, such as traffic signs, and anywhere they may interfere with vehicle sight lines.

Real estate and development signs up to 12-square-feet, up from six-square-feet, are now allowed in C-2 light industrial districts.

The amendments also allow roadside stand signs to be displayed only during business hours, garage and yard sale signs are limited to six-square-feet in size and can not be placed on any public signs or trees and vehicles with signs on them must be parked at least 25 feet from any street.

The new residential vehicle storage ordinance covers RVs, including boats, and construction and landscaping vehicles and equipment.

The new rules include regulations on the number of vehilces allowed, where they can be parked, including allowed distances from structures, property lines and streets, and the type of surface they can be parked on and weight limitations.

They also prohibit RVs being used for living, storage and business purposes.

An initial violation of the new ordinance is a minor misdemeanor, punnishable with a fine of up to $150, with subsequent violations a fourth-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $250.


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