Renovations at the former Geauga Lake Hotel rocketed the value of construction in Aurora in October to $3.85 million, according to the city's planning-zoning-building department.

Building permits were issued for the Atrium at Anna Maria for $2 million in renovations. Relocation of Fifth-Third Bank's ATM and interior alterations at Independence Village brought total commercial projects to $2.03 million.

A garage addition at Cab Mat, worth $35,000, was the only industrial project.

Residential projects were valued at $1.79 million and included four single-family homes, seven alterations, six decks, two each additions and utility buildings and one in-ground pool.

Forty-four licenses were issued, including 32 for general work, five for electrical, four for plumbing and three for heating-air conditioning.

Building permits brought in $12,535 in revenue, licenses $4,400, impact fees $2,565, miscellaneous $302, state fees $164, completion deposits $6,500 and topography deposits $20,000 for a total of $46,466.

City inspectors made 282 residential and 35 commercial-industrial inspections in October.

Police Chief Seth Riewaldt reported 20 Part I -- the most serious -- offenses were reported in October, including 19 thefts and one assault.

Other offenses included vandalism-criminal mischief (10), disorderly conduct (six), fraud-identity theft (five) and domestic violence (two).

Department personnel filed 632 reports and officers handled 73 traffic-related tasks, 106 criminal calls and 1,086 service-related tasks for a total of 1,265 items handled.

Out of 18 traffic accidents investigated, only one involved injuries.

Twenty-nine adults were charged with criminal activities, while 100 were cited for traffic violations. Officers made 496 traffic stops.

THERE WERE no juvenile arrests made or traffic citations given.

Personnel drove city vehicles 16,169 miles, bringing the total for the first 10 months of 2012 to 174,345, compared to 166,964 last year.

Fire Chief David Barnes reported crews responded to 27 fire alarms and 113 rescue calls, and made six fire prevention inspections.

There was no fire loss. For the first 10 months of the year, fire loss was estimated at $125,400, compared to $580,000 last year.

Sudden illness (28 incidents) was the main reason for rescue runs, followed by accidental injuries (21), patient assists and cardiac problems (12 each) and breathing difficulties (eight).

Crews made 43 trips to Cleveland Clinic-Twinsburg, 11 each to Hillcrest and Ahuja Medical Center, 10 to Robinson Memorial, five to University-Twinsburg, four to the Solon Medical Campus and one to Akron Children's.

No transport was necessary for 27 rescue calls.

During fire prevention inspections, hazards found were fire extinguishers out of service or not installed in proper locations, exit signs not illuminated or backup power not functional, electrical covers damaged and filters and ducts in need of cleaning.

The service department reports that cemetery receipts in October totaled $2,592, including $1,232 for vault interments, $740 for sales of lots, $246 for perpetual care, $215 for ash interments and $159 for foundations.

Contractors picked up 522 tons of trash, the second highest monthly amount of 2012, and 127 tons of recyclables, an 80 percent to 20 percent ratio.

Twenty-six private septic systems were cleaned in October, resulting in 45,750 gallons of sewage being removed. Respective totals for 2012 are 204 and 355,920 gallons.