by Laura Freeman | Reporter
Hudson — Owners of the new Volkswagen dealership on Darrow Road now have up to a year to ask City Council to rezone a portion of their property should they decide to expand.
Council members unanimously agreed to table Collection Auto Group’s request to rezone portions of its property from residential to commercial to for future expansion of the business and parking lot.
Property owners sought to rezone three parcels — 5715, 5735 and 5751 Darrow Road — from residential to commercial.
Neighbors voiced concern about land values and privacy.
Collection Auto Group had also proposed a land conservation easement between the commercial property and residential neighbors. Residents wanted the agreement to be permanent, and the city proposed a separate agreement not tied to the rezoning.
The rezoning proposal and the conservation easement will be on hold unless Council votes to take it off the table or if Collection Auto Group asks for Council to vote on it.
One neighbor, Richard Kelly, said he supported putting the request on hold.
“We’re happy with that outcome,” Kelly said. “It’s been a long, drawn out process.”
Volkswagens can still be sold in Hudson, and the land in question will remain residentially zoned until Auto Collection Group asks for a change, Kelly added.
By tabling the legislation, Collection Auto Group can pick up where it left off instead of starting over on the process, which would require two more public hearings and three readings by Council.
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