by April Helms
Special Products Editor
As the members of the Hudson Community Chorus prepare for their annual holiday concert, they will have 25 years of history and tradition to reflect on.
The chorus will mark its silver anniversary with its 2012 season, which will include the holiday concert, the annual spring concert plus a July concert in Rome, Italy, where the chorus will participate in the Musica Sacre competition. This will be the group’s first European tour.
Ann Kirk of Hudson, who has been with the chorus “since day one,” said she liked “the challenge of the classical pieces, the major works, and” enjoyed the lighter, more fun pieces, and appreciated the variety of music the Hudson Chorus has done over the years.
“I knew Corkey [Caroline] Buhler, we both sang together at the [Hudson] Congregational Church,” she said of one of the two co-founders. She added the two founders, who also included Frank Longstreth, “were people who were putting it together, who I knew and worked with.”
Kirk said that she was the only person in her family who sings.
“My husband can’t sing,” she said. “You play a note on the piano, he can’t sing it. But he loves tennis, and I’m not athletic. So we have an agreement: he won’t sing and I won’t play tennis.”
Pat McCoy, also from Hudson, said he first heard the Hudson Chorus about 13 years ago “when I was looking at houses” in Hudson, “and I liked what I saw.”
“I’ve been a member of community choruses all my adult life, starting with the Cincinnati Choral Society in the 80s,” he said. “The people need the artistic expression of singing music, and there aren’t a lot of outlets for that.”
The Hudson Community Chorus has “a good balance of rehearsals and concerts, you can work it into a busy schedule,” McCoy added.
Board president Holly Harris from Hudson, and a 10-year-member, said she joined shortly after moving to Hudson from Twinsburg.
“There are several members who have been here for some time,” Harris said. “We’ve had smaller groups, we’ve had larger groups. But when you join, you get hooked. People have to sing, and this is an outlet for it.”
The chorus is currently lead by Nathanial Duvuvuei, who is entering his second year as conductor and artistic director. He joined in August 2011.
“I enjoy the potential of this group,” he said. “I also enjoy what we have in the way of talent, the talent we’ve found and the talent we have yet to explore. They have done some spectacular music and they do it with style and grace.”
Duvuvuei said the chorus has close to 50 members, “and we’d love to draw more in.”
“There’s a family atmosphere, and it’s fulfilling to do something that is greater than themselves, and it’s a way to relax from the daily grind,” he said.

Holiday concert
The Hudson Community Chorus’ Holiday Concert is Dec. 9 at 4 p.m., at the Hudson High School auditorium, 2500 Hudson Aurora Road. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children, advance sale. Tickets can be purchased through Acme, The Learned Own, Epiphany and through members  of the chorus.
Tickets at the door will be available for $12 for adults and $6 for children.
The concert will include a mix of traditional and contemporary music, Duvuvuei said.
The students at East Woods School also will be featured at the concert.

The chorus meets Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Hudson Congregational Church, 34 Aurora St. Auditions are not required for chorus membership, which is $25 per season.
For details, visit
Phone: 330-541-9438