The 2018 Greater Alliance Carnation Festival queen contestants got lots of helpful tips about makeup and how to take care of their skin during a visit to Esther’s Beauty Barn for a Girls Day Out July 12.

Esther Whiteleather, an independent national sales director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, welcomes the contestants into her Beauty Barn every year for a day of fun and beauty.

Whiteleather introduced Mary Kay Cosmetics officials Tammy Wiebel, Anissa Lautzenheiser and Adriana Changet to the contestants during a makeup presentation.

"Today is an event the contestants and Mary Kay ladies were looking forward to," Whiteleather said. "It’s a yearly event that started in 2004 at Esther’s Beauty Barn and works personally to enhance skincare and glamour techniques. Even though it’s about skincare and glamour, the ladies enjoy the personal interaction."

There’s more than makeup to the lessons during the day.

"The contestants will also learn about attitudes," she added. "They’re going to learn a little bit of modeling and how to sit in a chair and to stand up from it. Also how to get in and out of the vehicle."

The contestants started the morning by learning how to clean their face before applying a charcoal mask. Then they learned what products should be used to assist with the different types of skin.

Each contestant was given a glamour card and various types of makeup. They each put on blush, eye shadow, lip color, mascara and eyeliner. Whiteleather stressed the eye shadow and lipstick.

"You must do skincare every night and every morning, and that’s how you will have a healthy skin when you’re in your maturity day," Whiteleather told the contestants.

Michelle Bickley, a member of the pageant committee, said the event helps the girls ensure they’re prepared for the competition.

"Today, we are trying to prepare them (the contestants) for the judges interview," Bickley said. "They can ask questions about their formal wear and we just check in to make sure everybody’s doing what they need to do. Today is very helpful to learn how to put makeup on, how much is enough, and how much is too much."

Immediately after leaving the Beauty Barn, the girls headed to Cockrill’s Studio for their official pictures.

"They will leave here to go get an official photo for the program. So this will help them to look absolutely the best," Bickley said.

Bri Bondoni was grateful for the session.

"It’s a good process to get us ready as we’re going to go take a picture for the pageant," said Bondoni, who is sponsored by JC Masonry Construction. "I really believe this event will help us for our future lives. It can be very helpful for a job interview, if we look professional. So I’m going to use these tips for my future life."

Emma Holodnak, who is sponsored by Nails by Anna Runyon, was glad she had the opportunity to learn about the skincare process.

"Today is a fun girls day," Holodnak said. "We learned about the beauty products and how to put on makeup. I was not in some events like this before. I had no idea about the eye care cream. But now I know more about it, and it can be very helpful to me."

Greater Alliance Carnation Festival pageant board member Jenny Ritchie said the etiquette tips are valuable.

"They will learn some etiquette things that probably a lot of them don’t know," Ritchie said. "This event also helps them to know each other more. All the events that we do are always trying to help them get to know each other, too. Because a lot of the girls in the past have developed really strong friendships. In fact, a lot of times, the contestants will remain friends even after the pageant, and these events help them to get together."

It wasn’t all about beauty. Whiteleather took time to suggest books for the girls to read.

One was "Miracles Happen," by Mary Kay founder Mary Kay Ash. Whiteleather mentioned some chapters in the book, such as; "You can do it"; "Put on a happy face"; and "God first, family second, career third."

Whiteleather also read a sentence from the book "Wooden," written by legendary college basketball coach John Wooden: "Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable."

The final part of the process was delivered courtesy of Patti Schaefer, a former Queen Pageant judge and former director for Miss Ohio/?Miss America.

She spoke to the girls about proper etiquette, setting a table, sitting in a chair, eating food among a group of strangers, the best way to introduce themselves during the interview, and how the judging process works.