Search for the Christ Child, an interactive journey, can be taken Dec. 11 from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at Hudson United Methodist Church, 2600 Hudson-Aurora Road.

Experience the joy of the shepherds and the singing of angels. Search for the Christ Child begins in the inn where a census is taken. After light refreshments, a shepherd guide will accompany groups of travelers on an interactive pilgrimage in search of the Christ Child. You are encouraged to dialogue along the way as you meet shepherds tending their live flock, angels, wise men and innkeepers. Meet the "sleepy man," visit King Herod's palace, travel through a marketplace and ultimately reach the nativity.

This 30-minute journey is free, wheelchair accessible and for all ages. Canned food donations will be accepted and donated to local food banks.

For additional information, call the church office at 330-650-2650 ext. 34. There are live animals.