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A new edition of Music from The Buckeye State presents Beethoven's Choral fantasy with Hudson resident Jerry Wong and the Kent State University Orchestra and Chorus.

The City Club of Cleveland presents The New American Heartland with J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis. Michael Lind, co-founder and Senior Fellow at New America, will share the prospects for an industrial comeback. A panel conversation will follow.

A second City Club program will air this week entitled The Land Bank Eight Years On: Evaluating a National Model with Gus Frangos, president and general counsel, Cuyahoga Land Bank.

This week on You've Just Been Hudson'd, Kabir interviews Hudson City Manager Jane Howington about First & Main Phase II, and what it means for the city and its residents.

The Laurel Lake Encore Chorale presents their Spring concert "Bach to Broadway."

Brian Suntken interviews Ricardo Sepuldeda, director of The Kent/Blossom Music Festival, an advanced training institute for professional music training operated by KSU in cooperation with The Cleveland Orchestra and Blossom Music Center, that presents public performances by faculty and talented young musicians.

This month, Ultimate Game Challenge presents the thrilling game of Connect Four.

Hudson Rotary Club welcomed Hudson resident and local business owner Greg McNeil, passionate and informed founder of Cover2, a 501c3 dedicated to combating the opioid addiction crisis.

On KBtime, Kurtiss Hare discusses Akron's Nightlight Cinema with hosts Kabir and Sarah.

The Really Bad Movie presents "Bride of the Gorilla" (1951). Raymond Burr, Lon Chaney, Jr. and Tom Conway star in this tale of a love triangle, murder and witchcraft.

From the HCTV Archives: The Hudson Heritage Association presents The History of Darrowville with Richard Grell.

Monday, July 10

10 a.m. CC: Vance

Noon Rotary: Cover2

1 p.m. Darrowville

2:30 p.m. Recovery

3:30 p.m. Gift of Trees

4:30 p.m. Hudson'd

5 p.m. Laurel Lake Chorale

6 p.m. Rotary: Cover2

7 p.m. WRA Graduation

9 p.m. Darrowville

10:30 p.m. Hudson'd

11 p.m. CC: Frangos

Tuesday, July 11

7 a.m. WRA Graduation

9 a.m. Laurel Chorale

10 a.m. Time to Cook

10:30 a.m. Forum 360

11 a.m. Kent Blossom Music

Noon Chains of Freedom

1 p.m. CC: Frangos

2 p.m. Ice Cream Social

2:30 p.m. Hudson'd

3 p.m. KBTime

3:30 p.m. HudScenes

4 p.m. Darrowville

5:30 p.m. Laurel Chorale

6:30 p.m. Gift of Trees

7:30 p.m. Recovery

8:30 p.m. Buckeye State

9 p.m. Kent Blossom

10 p.m. CC: Vance

Wednesday, July 12

7 a.m. Chains of Freedom

8 p.m. Ice Cream Social

8:30 a.m. Time to Cook

9 a.m. Recovery

10 a.m. Gift of Trees

11 a.m. Buckeye State

11:30 a.m. KBTime

12 p.m. Kent Blossom Music

1 p.m. Scenes & Things

1:30 p.m. Hudson'd

2 p.m. CC: Vance

4 p.m. Ice Cream Social

4:30 p.m. Chains of Freedom

5:30 p.m. Hudson'd

6 p.m. Darrowville

7:30 p.m. Forum 360

8 p.m. Kent Blossom Music

9 p.m. CC: Frangos

10 p.m. Rotary: Cover2

11 p.m. Laurel Lake Chorale

Thursday, July 13

7 a.m. CC: Vance

9 a.m. Darrowville

10:30 a.m. Hudson'd

11 a.m. CC: Frangos

12 p.m. WRA Graduation

2 p.m. Laurel Chorale

3 p.m. Kent Blossom

4 p.m. Recovery

5 p.m. Chains of Freedom

6 p.m. Time to Cook

6:30 p.m. Scenes

7 p.m. Hudson'd

7:30 p.m. Darrowville

9 p.m. KBtime

9:30 p.m. Buckeye State

10 p.m. Ultimate Game

10:30 p.m. Forum 360

11 p.m. Gift of Trees

Friday, July 14

7 a.m. Recovery

8 a.m. Gift of Trees

9 a.m. WRA Graduation

11 a.m. Kent Blossom Music

Noon Rotary:

1 p.m. Forum 360

1:30 p.m. Darrowville

3 p.m. CC: Frangos

4 p.m. Ice Cream Social

4:30 p.m. UGC

5 p.m. Laurel Chorale

6 p.m. CC: Vance

8 p.m. Kent Blossom Music

9 p.m. Buckeye State

9:30 p.m. Hudson'd

10 p.m. 1/2 Hour Show

10:30 p.m. Scenes

11 p.m. Chains of Freedom

Saturday, July 15

7 a.m. Laurel Chorale

8 a.m. CC: Frangos

9 a.m. Buckeye State

9:30 a.m. Hudson'd

10 a.m. KBTime

10:30 a.m. Time to Cook

11 a.m. Chains of Freedom

Noon CC: Vance

2 p.m. Scenes

2:30 p.m. UGC

3 p.m. Buckeye State

3:30 p.m. Kent Blossom

4:30 p.m. Gift of Trees

5:30 p.m. Darrowville

7 p.m. Recovery

8 p.m. WRA Graduation

10 p.m. 1/2 Hour Show

10:30 p.m. Bad Movie

Sunday, July 16

7 a.m. CC: Vance

9 a.m. Gift of Trees

10 a.m. Buckeye State

10:30 a.m. Ultimate Game

11 a.m. Forum 360

11:30 a.m. FCC 11:59

Noon 1st Congregational

1 p.m. Gloria Dei

2:30 p.m. Buckeye State

3 p.m. Chains of Freedom

4 p.m. WRA Graduation

6 p.m. Rotary: Cover 2

7 p.m. Kent Blossom Music

8 p.m. Darrowville

9:30 p.m. Hudson'd

10 p.m. Ultimate Game

10:30 p.m. KBTime

11 p.m. Recovery