Akron Fossils & Science Center (AFSC), a 501-c(3) nonprofit science center located at 2080 S. Cleveland-Massillon Road, Copley, has opened its new Creation Education Museum.

The museum, which features 18 exhibits that present scientific evidences for an intelligently designed universe, will be part of the center's overall Creation Education Program, also new this year.

Moving into its 12th year, the science center features programming for all ages, including guided tours, fossil exploration, replica making, science classes, educational days, summer camps, adventure trips, and a 200ft zip-line located on its 2-acre playground. The new Creation Education Museum and overarching Creation Education Program come as part of a larger restructuring project for the center as a whole.

"As we examined our programming, we realized just how much we have grown and expanded over the years," said Executive Director Jodie Brewer. "Since we opened, our programming has naturally blossomed into two main branches: Community Education, which includes all of our non-faith-based programming, such as our summer camps, birthday parties, weekend workshops, and school tours, and Creation Education, which includes all of our programming that explores the Theory of Intelligent Design and other conversations surrounding the origins and history of our Universe."

When guests walk into Akron Fossils & Science Center , they will be welcomed with a menu of experiences from which to choose. The first option, the Dino Adventure Tour, will explore fossilization, feature real fossil touching, and give guests the opportunity to make their own fossil replicas. This non-faith-based tour will not discuss origins. The Creation Education Tour will be Option 2. In addition to fossil touching and replica making, guests will be taken on a guided tour of the Creation Education Museum's exhibits, which will explore topics such as dating methods, dinosaurs and dragons, technology of the past, Intelligent Design, Noah's Ark, and more. Guests may also choose to take a self-guided tour or purchase a Park Only pass, which provides admission into the outdoor adventure park for the day at a discounted price.

"Our goal is to provide a great educational experience for everyone," Brewer said. "We understand that some people just want to play outside or experience fun science education without delving into origins, and we offer that opportunity in our Community programming. At the same time, we want to provide practical, experiential resources for those individuals who are curious about other scientific perspectives, as those resources are currently very limited outside of our center. By separating what we do into these two branches of programming, we hope to accomplish that."

The grand opening of The Creation Education Museum will coincide with start of Akron Fossils & Science Center's extended summer hours. Through Labor Day, the center will be open Tuesdays-Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for tours. Call 330-665-DINO or visit akronfossils.com for more information.