Midway Drive In on Route 59 in Ravenna Township has joined several other drive-in theaters in not showing the latest "Guardians of the Galaxy" film.

Theater owners posted a statement on their Facebook page late Tuesday about why "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" would not be shown: They're taking a stand against Disney.

The company is apparently forcing theaters that agree to show the "Guardians" film to also show other films in the Disney wheelhouse, like "Born in China," a documentary. Along with the other films required, Disney is also apparently requiring drive-ins to show "Guardians" for three weeks.

That policy threatens other drive-in theaters that cannot afford to lose revenue by showing films that will not draw necessary crowds to make a profit, the owners said.

Citing increased portions of ticket sale revenue going to film studios and not individual theaters, Midway is joining drive-ins across the country in its endeavor to fight back against Disney.

"This decision is about the future of drive ins and keeping one of America's great pastimes safe for many years to come. We do try our hardest to bring in the best Hollywood has to offer every week and we will continue to do so," the Facebook message reads.

"If and when Disney decides to come back down to Earth with their terms then we will gladly play Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at a future date here at the Midway."

Mayfield Road Drive In, located in Chardon -- owned by the same person -- also opted not to show "Guardians."

The movie, which features stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper, will be released nationwide on Friday.