Program Schedule for March 20 26

The March 11 Cleveland Wheelchair Cavaliers game vs Miami Valley Minutemen taped by HCTV at Hudson Middle School, is featured this week on HCTV.

Hudson Heritage Association presents Historic High School Renovation Project with BSHM Architects who are currently applying the principals of adaptive reuse to preserve features of the historic Cleveland Heights High School as the building is being renovated for 21st century learning.

Music from the Buckeye State presents the Kent State University Orchestra in a program of concertos (Sibelius, Beethoven, Tomasi, and Nielsen) featuring the both undergrad and graduate students. The Orchestra is under the direction of Music Director Katherine Kilburn. The show is produced by Brian Suntken.

The new edition of Forum 360 features Creative Retirement with author Ron Tetley and his book "Comparing Apples to Tacos: How to Know When Wall Street isn't Playing Fair with Your Lunch Money," exposing the problems of retirees with they fail to plan for their future, hosted by Bill Saus.

This week, KBTime interviews Akron-based photographer Eartha Goodwin who took some of the first photos of the Black Keys at the beginning of their career.

The City Club of Cleveland presents a panel discussion titled Advice and Dissent: Gorsuch and the Future of an Independent Supreme Court.

Good Day in Hudson presents a retrospective of Tom Vince segments: a look at the life of Hudson's notable polar explorer Lincoln Ellsworth and an explanation of some of Hudson's street names.

The Hudson Rotary Club hosted students from Hudson High School and Western Reserve Academy in the Annual 3-Way Speech Contest, a joint effort with the Clocktower Rotary Club.

The Really Bad Movie features "The Last Alarm" (1940). A retired fireman is brought back to help investigate a series of arson fires. Hosted from the Mansfield Fire Museum.

From the HCTV Archives: The Addiction Struggle discussion by The Ohio House in October 2015, the Green Plan of 1975 program commissioned by the Hudson Bicentennial Commission, Gardening with Nature with Valerie Strong and Book Chat featuring Jim Roetzel.

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Monday, March 20

10 a.m. Green Plan

11 a.m. Forum 360

11:30 a.m. KB Time

Noon Rotary: 4-Way

1 p.m. Phase II

2 p.m. Career Panel

3:30 p.m. Buckeye Music

5 p.m. City Club

6 p.m. Rotary: 4-Way

7 p.m. HHA: Architects

8:30 p.m. KB Time

9 p.m. Good Day

10 p.m. Addiction

11:30 p.m. Recovery

Tuesday, March 21

7 a.m. Buckeye Music

8:30 a.m. HHA: Architects

10 a.m. Time to Cook

10:30 a.m. Forum 360

11 a.m. Green Plan

Noon City Club

1 p.m. Forum 360

1:30 p.m. Garden Nature

2 p.m. Wheelchair Cavs

3:30 p.m. KB Time

4 p.m. Good Day Hudson

5 p.m. HHA: Architects

6:30 p.m. Scenes

7 p.m. Buckeye Music

8:30 p.m. Wheelchair Cavs

10 p.m. Garden Nature

10:30 p.m. KB Time

11 p.m. Book Chat

11:30 p.m. Forum 360

Wednesday, March 22

7 a.m. City Club

8 a.m. Recovery

8:30 a.m. Time to Cook

9 a.m. Phase II

10 a.m. HHA: Architects

Noon Buckeye Music

1:30 p.m. KB Time

2 p.m. Polka Time

3 p.m. George Sleigh

4 p.m. Wheelchair Cavs

5:30 p.m. Addiction

7 p.m. KB Time

7:30 p.m. Forum 360

8 p.m. Green Plan

9 p.m. Good Day Hudson

10 p.m. Rotary: 4-Way

11 p.m. City Club

Thursday, March 23

7 a.m. Green Plan

8 a.m. Book Chat

8:30 a.m. Garden Nature

9 a.m. Wheelchair Cavs

10:30 a.m. KB Time

11 a.m. Phase II

Noon: Green Plan 1975

1 p.m. Career Panel

2:30 p.m. Buckeye Music

4 p.m. Good Day Hudson

5 p.m. Garden Nature

5:30 p.m. Scenes

6 p.m. Time to Cook

6:30 p.m. Wheelchair Cavs

8 p.m. HHA: Architects

10 p.m. Ultimate Game

10:30 p.m. Forum 360

11 p.m. George Sleigh

Friday, March 24

7 a.m. Jesse Ruben

8 a.m. George Sleigh

9 a.m. Polka Time

10 a.m. HHA: Architects

11:30 a.m. Ultimate Game

Noon Rotary: 4-Way

1 p.m. Forum 360

1:30 p.m. City Club

2:30 p.m. KB Time

3 p.m. Wheelchair Cavs

4:30 p.m. Addiction

6 p.m. Scenes

6:30 p.m. Ultimate Game

7 p.m. Garden Nature

7:30 p.m. Buckeye Music

9 p.m. Good Day Hudson

10 p.m. 1/2 Hour Show

10:30 p.m. Wheelchair Cavs

Saturday, March 25

7 a.m. City Club

8 a.m. Buckeye Music

9:30 a.m. Green Plan

10:30 a.m. Time to Cook

11 a.m. Phase II

Noon HHA: Architects

1:30 p.m. George Sleigh

2:30 p.m. Ultimate Game

3 p.m. Buckeye Music

4:30 p.m. Career Panel

6 p.m. Green Plan

7 p.m. KB Time

7:30 p.m. Wheelchair Cavs

9 p.m. Good Day Hudson

10 p.m. 1/2 Hour Show

10:30 p.m. Bad Movie

Sunday, March 26

7 a.m. Phase II

8 a.m. Scenes

8:30 a.m. Addiction

10 a.m. Garden Nature

10:30 a.m. Book Chat

11 a.m. Forum 360

11:30 a.m. FCC 11:59

Noon 1st Congregational

1 p.m. Gloria Dei

2:30 p.m. Wheelchair Cavs

4 p.m. Buckeye Music

5:30 p.m. Forum 360

6 p.m. Rotary: 4-Way

7 p.m. Polka Time

8 p.m. Phase II

9 p.m. Good Day Hudson

10 p.m. Ultimate Game

10:30 p.m. KB Time

11 p.m. City Club