SPRINGFIELD, Ohio – In “Perilous Times Shall Come: A Fictional Novel on the End Times” (published by WestBow Press), former police officer Dan Winters must sift through the chaos of government cover-ups, secret societies and UFOs to get to the truth of the rapture.
Though a work of fiction, author Dr. Arv Edgeworth hopes to present a true picture of how events will transpire in the end times. In the novel, Dan comes to realize that UFO sightings are a product of Satan’s deception; the UFOs controlled by so-called aliens are actually demons and fallen angels.
Edgeworth notes that UFO sightings and the use of microchip technology are signs leading up to a one-world government, which will set the stage “for the coming scene of the Anti-Christ.”
He explains, “We are nearing the Lord's return. How will the use of microchip technology fit in with the Mark of the Beast? Are there things our government isn’t telling us. I want people to know about a lot of things that are going on in our world that most people would be unaware of.”