HUDSON -- When you walk into a Pamela Daum photography exhibit, you step into an ethereal world, where color is absent but beauty is present in dynamic scenes of the great outdoors.

In her various collections of black and white landscape photography, Daum displays ashy and waxen nature scenes that -- despite their lack of hue -- are anything but drab.

There is something unsettling yet striking about a sunset stripped of color, a forest in shades of ash and an achromatic beach scattered with bone-white driftwood. See for yourself in WRA's Moos Gallery until Feb 19.

From her vast collection, Daum will display more than 20 photos from her three collections: Reborn in Florida, Life is a Beach and SSDD (Same Scene, Different Day). All images are in black and white and shot with infrared.

"I actually tend to see in black and white," Daum said. "For some reason, black and white resonates with me more."

This is the second time Daum will exhibit her work at Moos Gallery. In 2004, she showcased photography that demonstrated alternative processes, such as Polaroid emulsion lifts and Polaroid manipulations.

"I've been in a lot of galleries, but Moos Gallery remains my favorite," she said. "The light is perfect. The gallery itself is just perfect. I have a warm spot in my heart for this place. And, of course, the WRA campus is amazing!"

Daum is an award-winning photographer with more than 40 years of experience, though her notable talents also include fiction-writing and custom-made jewelry.

This year, she received special recognition as a featured artist in the Women in the Arts "Celebrating the Genius of Women."