Herman Edwards, a former National Football League player and head coach and a regular guest on ESPN-TV's "Mike and Mike," received a surprise during one of the late November broadcasts.

It was Michael Stanley's new CD -- "In a Very Short Time" -- in which one of the songs, "Messin' with the Cha Cha," was inspired by Edwards.

Stanley sent the CD to Mike Golic, one of the show's hosts who announced the surprise on the air to Edwards, who has used the phrase, "Don't mess with the Cha Cha" on the show.

"Mike Golic has been a friend of mine for a long time," Stanley told Record Publishing Co. "Herm's point was, if it's not broke, don't fix it. So there is no reason to change. When the cha cha is working, there's no messin' with it."

"It was a fun song to write," Stanley said.

The CD is filled with fun songs. They are easy listening, upbeat tunes that flow smoothly.

The title song includes the lyrics: "In a very short time, this will be a long time ago."

"That's the whole thing behind it -- unfortunately," said Stanley, a weekday afternoon and Saturday morning host on WNCX 98.5-FM radio.

Stanley, who performs with his band, the Resonators, said the song "Notified" came from the "continue to rock" line he has used for years. The lyrics read: "We'll just continue to rock till you're otherwise notified."

He added, "I wanted something upbeat, something that the band would like to play."

Stanley said "No Uncertain Terms" reminded him, along with drummer Tommy Dobeck, of "a classic Michael Stanley Band kind of song."

"Where Do We Turn" is "a 30-year-old song that [keyboard player] Bob Pelander and I wrote, but we never had a chance to record it before," he said, adding it didn't seem to fit into previous albums.

"Smart Too Late" is "more of a blues tune," he said.

"When I get done with a CD, I've spent so much time with it, you lose perspective," Stanley said. "At that point, you have to let other people give you their opinions and go from there."

"In a Very Short Time" is worth your time.

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