In partnership with psychic medium, Laura Lyn, The Summit County Historical Society will be host to a number of paranormal fall events. A new program introduced this year, "Akron and Summit County True Crime Tour," will add an element of murder and mayhem.

As 19th century author Mark Twain stated, "Truth is stranger than fiction," which will be evident by the history presented on how criminologists have collected and used physical evidence through time. The walk will feature historical crimes and near recent past murders. Working with volunteers and current Akron Police Department records, the Society has gathered information on cases that will be shared with attendees on this two hour walking tour that starts at the Perkins Stone Mansion. Tickets for the new offering are $25 or $20 for members. A discounted coupon to attend the Society's Oct. 31 Lights Out Paranormal tour will be given to all attendees to this event.

Lights Out Paranormal Tours will be held this year only on Oct. 31. Guests may come individually or in groups for this fun event where stories of past experiences in the Perkins Stone Mansion are shared with all the lights out in the home of Akron's founding family.

The Society will feature Laura Lyn's Realm to Realm on the property Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. During the course of the evening, guests will gather around tables as Laura Lyn taps into their family ancestral history, spirit guides and angels. Refreshments and a first floor holiday walk through of the Perkins Mansion will make this night one to remember. This special program guides people from the haunting realm to the realm of family thanksgiving and holiday celebrations.

Tickets for most events are available online at or by calling the Society office.