Munroe Falls resident Scott Crim said he had seen a production of "The Tempest" staged by the Great Lakes Shakespeare Company (today known as Great Lakes Theatre).

"I was thrilled to see it was a part of the Rubber City Shakespeare Company season this year," said Crim. "Dane (Leasure, producing artistic director) and I had a conversation about theatre after a performance last season and he encouraged me to submit a concept and resume for directing."

As a result, Crim made his directorial debut with RCSC's "The Tempest," which opened Oct. 7.

"'The Tempest' is a challenging and great play to do as a debut project," he said. "One, it is one of the more easily accessible plays in terms of plot. Its challenge comes from all the spectacle that is in the play common to the later period in Shakespeare's career. How can we not forget 'exit pursued by a bear' from 'Winter's Tale?'"

One challenge in directing this production was a smaller cast, which meant using a bit of creativity when doubling the roles.

"I solved this with the creative casting of using [the performer playing] Ariel as the Boatswain and employing other actors as spirits through out the show," he said.

Crim said directing a Shakespeare production involves a balance of knowing The Bard -- but don't be afraid to be creative.

"When people are directing for the first time, my key advice would be to know your script -- especially Shakespeare -- but don't be afraid of creative interpretation which can lead to hilarious and exciting staging," he said. "Directors should be flexible with their ideas since the creative process can open up many opportunities."

Once "The Tempest" wraps up, Crim said he has several other theatrical projects coming up.

"My next project will be a stage reading of a new musical based on 'The Revengers Tragedy' in New York City with Ridley Creek productions, and then 'A Christmas Carol' at Rubber City Shakespeare Company adapted for stage by our very own Dane Leasure and Casey Robinson," he said. "And who knows, maybe more of my directing can be seen in the future not only with Rubber City Shakespeare but other area stages as well."

"The Tempest" runs Thursday through Sunday until Oct. 23. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday performances begin at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday performances begin at 2 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased online at or at the door one hour prior to show time.

Performances are at The Well CDC, 647 E. Market St. (the former First Presbyterian Church).


Phone: 330-541-9438