A fantastical biopic of the daughter of one of Japan's most famous artists, this is the tale of Miss Hokusai, which can be seen starting Oct. 21 at The Nightlight Cinema in downtown Akron.

For details, visit http://www.nightlightcinema.com/film/miss-hokusai online.

Miss Hokusai is a personal tale of frustrated artists and their family bonds. Katsushika is completely enveloped in his work, or so it would appear. He creates masterpieces with seemingly little effort, and will even leave commissioned work up to his daughter O-Ei. It's debatable whether this is out of trust, faith, encouragement, or just his laziness. Or perhaps it is even all of the above. Meanwhile O-Ei is looking for her own voice to come through, while suitors also seem to be passing her way and passing her by.

The animation is a huge part of the film, but it goes above and beyond in representing the themes of the film and bringing to life the artwork of both Hokusais. Whether subtle, or the focus of attention, these creations make sure there are always treats to be seen in both the foreground and background.