Western Reserve Academy will exhibit the colored pencil artwork of local and world-renowned artist Sandra Benny until Nov. 13.

All are welcome to stop by and view this special exhibit.

Nearly every eye-catching work of Benny's is vivid with colorful images of flowers, petals and stems in multiple hues etched into the surface of her canvases. And it's all done with colored pencil.

"After school, I switched from oil washes to colored pencil," she said, citing poor ventilation in her studio that couldn't accommodate the paint. "I like the fact that I have more precision with them because I like the detail. And it blossomed from there."

It may not immediately register that you're looking at a work of colored pencil; she has spent years improving on her skills, giving the thin pencil lines dimension, creating texture and colors that breathe and bloom.

"There's no one pencil color on any of my work," said Benny. "All the colors are mixed right on the surface, so they're made up of layers of many, many colors. I won't use any black pencils if I need to draw darkness. I create my own darks, my own grays."

At Moos Gallery's new exhibit, you will have a chance to see for yourself scenes of flowers and feathers, to enjoy art inspired by nature and the complex designs found within it. And Benny hopes you find yourself smiling as you view.