Hudson Cable viewers will soon have new editions of a locally-produced show, "The Ultimate Game Challenge." The show, produced by Hudson resident, Christopher Dolciato, who also produces "The ° Hour Show," is hosted by play-by-play announcer, Chip Croupier, and color commentator, Nigel Channing.

As contestants play traditional board games, the two announcers offer in-depth commentary perhaps a little too in-depth.

While Croupier focuses on the action, Channing offers up a non-stop stream of trivia, sometimes related to the game-at-hand. Channing described the show as, "a sort-of combination of television poker tournament and Iron Chef where the contestants don't know what game they are going to play until it is determined by the show's 'Chairman of the Board.'"

"As a player you have to be ready for all types of games, it's our second season but it is like we have never stopped," said Croupier.

Producer Dolciato said, "This year, we're focusing on two-player games and have pulled in players from all over the country, including one from Hudson."

The chairman has final say in the games but this season he is concentrating on two-player games.

"I think HCTV is a great asset to the community and I am very excited to bring championship game play back," said Dolciato

The Ultimate Game Challenge can be seen on HCTV, Time Warner Cable channel 15, on Sunday and Thursday nights at 10 p.m., with a different game every month.