The Downtown Akron Partnershipb Emerging Leaders launched a second Kickstarter campaign on Oct. 5 for Akron Art Box, a public art project for Downtown Akron. The project will bring vibrancy and color to downtown with the installation of vinyl wraps on 10 utility boxes on Main Street, each representing a ward in Akron. The total budget for Akron Art Box is $11,150. Click here to support the Kickstarter campaign.

The ten artists involved in the project are Shane Wynn, Ward 1; Thomas Skala, Ward 2; Bill Lynn, Ward 3; Don Peoples, Ward 4; Joe Karlovec, Ward 5; Julie Hogarth, Ward 6; Alison Kulick, Ward 7; Brian Bean, Ward 8; Molly Judge, Ward 9 and Miller South Visual Art Students, Ward 10.

Artwork on utility boxes is a concept utilized in other cities to create an enlivened, safe and inspired environment. By commissioning neighborhood-inspired public art projects, Downtown Akron's vibrancy will be enhanced to represent the citizens of the community and serve as a gateway to the city's core.

"While gathering art for Akron Art Box it was awesome to see how incredibly passionate community members are about their neighborhoods," said Jaclyn Flossie, president of DAP Emerging Leaders. "I'm excited to see how friends, family and neighbors work together to have their neighborhood represented and the diversity of our city displayed on Main Street."