"Impending Love and Lies," the third in a series of novels by Laura Freeman, is a great read with romance, adventure and information.

Strong characters, tangled in a conflicted love, and caught in a horrific war, sears the conflict into your brain.

The author's knowledge of the Civil War is mind boggling. One can only marvel at the extent of the research that came before the book. Her attention to detail makes the war between the states - with all its horror - come alive.

Those details, and the sacrifices made by the valiant soldiers, will stay with you long after you finish the book.

When she takes you to the battlefield she makes you smell the blood and witness the carnage.

Freeman, a reporter with the Hudson Hub-Times, also has woven bits of local history into the telling of the tale with details of the Ohio-Erie canal and life along its boundaries.

"Impending Love and Lies" is a wild ride and well worth the journey.

Author appearance

Freeman will have a meet the author and book signing event from 1 to 3 p.m. Nov. 12 at The Learned Owl Book Shop in Hudson.

"Impending Love and Lies" continues the story of the six Beecher sisters, who live in Darrow Falls, Ohio. Each sister has a romance during a particular period of the war years. Some of the characters make an appearance in more than one book, but each book can be read independently of the others.

Anticipating a marriage proposal, Colleen "Cole" Beecher trains her younger sisters how to maneuver their grandfather's canal boat through the locks between Akron and Cleveland. They read letters from local soldiers in the 29th and Seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantries to pass the time. When a scruffy passenger named Blake Ellsworth is shot by the Cassell brothers, Cole discovers he's carrying Confederate gold hidden under a ragged coat.

Is Blake Ellsworth a soldier, thief, or spy? Cole is determined to sort the truth from the lies.

While recuperating, Blake overhears Cole confront her suitor Simon about an announcement in the Summit Beacon that he is marrying a New York socialite. Cole throws him out when he proposes she become his mistress.

The story takes hotel owner Blake and Cole from Akron to Washington City where the Ohio boys are taking a much needed rest from fighting in the Shenandoah Valley. Despite his attraction to her, Blake is determined to join the Union army once his shoulder heals. Fearing he may make Cole a widow, Blake won't propose marriage, but eight weeks is a long time to spend with a woman who stirs more than his imagination.

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