Diary of a Robot

by Lewis Jenkins


Local author Lewis Jenkins' novel, "Diary of a Robot," explores the subject of artificial intelligence.

What does it mean to harm someone? How can a machine understand harm well enough to avoid it? Dr. Maynard Little III has invented a technology that allows a machine to think. He wants to save time and money by having his machine read product specifications and then test the components and customer prototypes his company makes. So why has he been kidnapped and put in a prison that looks like a sitting room?

Jenkins graduated from the University of Akron with a BA in Education and a teaching certificate in history and math. Retired now from thirty-plus years of business and computer programming, he dedicates his time to writing science fiction woven with history.

The Corkscrew App

by Max Fischer


Retired Wooster middle school teacher Max Fischer recently penned a young adult novel "The Corkscrew App," which centers on a precocious 14-year-old boy, a clandestine time warp operation and George Washington as suspected assassin.

When Animal and Folklore Run the Asylum

by Michael DeBenedictis


Cuyahoga Falls resident Michael DeBenedictis added a fourth book to his personal bookshelf "When Animal and Folklore Run the Asylum" this past spring.

The stories in this book are told from the viewpoint and primary storyline of animals -- and the secret lives and motivations they live and live out -- and folklore. Narratives about how the lives and motivations of animals and folklore, with all their twists and turns, get intermingled with and interact with the world we human beings - simply living our everyday lives - think we know. The poems included are my usual blend of introspective, transcendental, observational, and personal reflections of life past, present, and expectations of the future.

The books is available at The Bookshelf (an independently owned store in Northfield, OH), The Learned Owl (an independently owned store in Hudson, OH), Cuyahoga Falls Public Library, Hudson Public Library and Historical Society, Peninsula Public Library and Historical Society, the Cuyahoga County library system.

DeBenedictis also wrote Mr. Swan's Poems (March 2014), a book of poetry; After the Flight (October 2014), a book of poetry; Beyond and the Between the Veil (June 2015), a book of short stories.

Get To Know Your Parks

illustrations by Anne Meier Lambelet

http://www.eparks.com/store/ or annelambelet.com

Anne Meier Lambelet, who graduated from Woodridge High School in 2006, recently illustrated a children's book for the National Park Service, "Get to Know Your Parks."

Lambelet graduated as a valedictorian from Woodridge High School in 2006, and graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2010 with a degree in Art History and Computer Science with a minor in Studio Art, worked for a year in Cleveland doing software development for the iPad, then moved to Philadelphia where she earned another degree in Illustration. She has done illustrations for several magazines including the Boston Globe. She is now a freelance illustrator working out of Philadelphia where she lives with her husband Brice, her cat, Fitzgerald, and her dog, Eevee.

Cuyahoga Falls

by Jeri Holland


Jeri Holland, Akron author and historian, recently released "Cuyahoga Falls", a collection of postcards that tell the story of the city's natural beauty, its economic presence and, most importantly, the people that make up its community. Holland has a passion for the details of her home town, and these photographs were collected using resources made available by the Cuyahoga Falls Library and the Historical Society. The desire to explore dusty shelves and boxes and bins can only come from a deep love of the past, which the author has in spades.

Ohio Craft Beers

by Paul Gaston


Hudson resident Paul Gaston's book on Ohio brews seeks to celebrate all that the craft breweries and brew pubs in the state have to offer. Descriptions of the beers available across the state are complemented by detailed information on location, hours, food and more.

When not exploring and sampling, Gaston is Trustees Professor at Kent State, teaching English Literature and higher education administration. He is an influential author and frequent speaker on issues of higher education and curricular reform.

Cleveland's Finest

by Vince McKee


Vince McKee, a Cleveland-area sportswriter, recently finished a compilation of personal interviews with some of the top names in Cleveland sports. Each interview is a no-holds-barred tell-all of the most intimate and sometimes controversial details of the huge moments in Cleveland sports history.

The Indomitable Don Plusquellic

by Steve Love


Local writer Steve Love recently published 'The Indomitable Don Plusquellic,' about Akron's former mayor.

Love had been chief editorial writer and columnist at the Akron Beacon Journal, and he had written 'Wheels of Fortune' about Akron's rubber industry. He worked through a myriad of news articles for four years, and interviewed Plusquellic extensively. Kenmore high school quarterback Don Plusquellic earned his law degree and served as President of Akron City Council before becoming mayor for 28 years during an era of major economic challenges.

The biography was published by The University of Akron Press.