Dead Giveaway

by Charles Ramsey, with Randy Nyerges.


Gray & Company Publishers

Charles Ramsey is a modern-day anti-hero.

Ramsey gained international attention when he reportedly rescued Amanda Berry and her infant daughter from the home of Ramsey's neighbor Ariel Castro where she, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were being held prisoner for 10 years.

Ramsey, with co-author Randy Nyerges, tells his story, warts and all. His account of what happened shortly before, during and after the day of the rescue, May 6, 2013, gives the reader Ramsey's point of view.

Thanks to local news broadcasts, cable TV and the Internet, Ramsey becomes a celebrity. Now in charge, Charles takes advantage of his newfound fame by selling his story. He takes the reader back to his days growing up in Cleveland, playing jokes on people and getting into trouble.

His flashbacks paint a portrait of a young man craving attention. Little did he know then how much attention he would gain with a life-saving rescue punctuated by his "dead giveaway" catch phrase.

"Dead Giveaway" is outrageous and raw with a capital R. Picture Eddie Murphy's adult style of comedy before "Daddy Day Care" and Disney.

-- written by reporter Steve Wiandt

Swarm to Glory

By Garnett Kilberg Cohen


Wiseblood Books

The central motif and conflict that runs through former Hudson resident Garnett Kilberg Cohen's newest collection is that of endings. Some may be monumental endings, such as the end of a relationship in "Bottle of Wine," or the end of life itself in "Appropriate Behavior." Then again, some may be considered superficial endings, such as in "The Woman With the Longest Hair," where a haircut is significant only to the characters involved. Garnett's characters must decide whether they will be ruled by them, or whether they will swarm to glory.

Kilberg Cohen has published two collections of short stories, "Lost Women," "Banished Souls" (U of Missouri Press) and "How We Move the Air" (Mayapple Press). Her fiction has garnered many awards, including the Crazyhorse Fiction Prize and a Special Mention from the Pushcart Prize. She is a professor in the Creative Writing Department at Columbia College Chicago.

-- written by Special Products Editor April Helms

Great Lakes Folklore

By Charles Cassady Jr.


Schiffer Books

Seven Hills resident Charles Cassady grew up reading the Great Lakes tales of prolific maritime reporter Dwight Boyer. "Great Lakes Folklore" is his voyage into the strange stories, ships and men, ghost ships and true tales (and some untrue tales) of the Great Lakes.

In his book, Cassady compares Oliver Hazard Perry to the fictional Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk. Relive the astonishing career of the Success, now sunken off Sandusky in Lake Erie, possibly the most widely despised ship there ever was. Find out that, contrary to what everyone believes, there were far worse Great Lakes disasters in terms of human lives lost than the Edmund Fitzgerald - 836 drowned in the Chicago River alone on one horrific morning in the summer of 1915.

-- written by Special Products Editor April Helms

Ethereal View

By Andrew Buckner


America Star Books

Andrew Buckner of Warren decribes his book as "a mercilessly terrifying journey into the supernatural."

In the book, while looking out of the porch of his old home, Alexander Brunell sees a ghastly sight. Immediately afterward everything he knows about his past, and his very future, spirals out of control as the ghost of a dear friend of his from high school begins to communicate with him.

Buckner also is the author of "In the Land of Nightmares: Three Tales of Terror."

-- written by Special Products Editor April Helms

Trust the Word

By Valerie E. Porter

$7.99 paperback, $6.99 digital

Tate Publishing

Cuyahoga Falls resident Valerie E. Porter recently released her first book on Christian life, "Trust the Word," where she helps readers draw closer to God.

"Trust the Word" will help encourage readers' faith and increase their knowledge in the Word, Porter said. These scriptures will help them acknowledge what can be standing between them and God.

Porter was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, grew up in Cleveland Heights, and lived in Charlotte, N.C., for nine years.

-- written by Special Products Editor April Helms

Super Boys: The Amazing Adventures of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster: Creators of Superman

By Brad Ricca

$18.45 hardcover, $8.89 digital

St. Martin's Press

Cleveland resident Brad Ricca has written a comprehensive biography written about the creators of one of the most iconic superheroes. Spanning nearly a century, this is the story of Siegel and his more subdued but very talented schoolmate Shuster, who created a superhero and, quite by accident, kick-started the immature comic-book industry.

Ricca earned his Ph.D. in English from Case Western Reserve University, where he currently teaches.

-- written by Special Products Editor April Helms

Dark Steam: Volume 1

By Bob Shafer

$27.99 paperback, $15.99 digital

Tate Publishing

Cleveland author Bob Shafer's new book, "Dark Steam: Volume 1," introduces readers to Parlance Graves, a daring and resourceful Counter-intelligence agent from Victorian England. Join him as he travels to London with his butler, Henry, to solve the problem of The Woman at the Top of the Stairs. Later, join him in the cold as he engages The Welsh Ghost Affair. Then join Lawrence Scathe, a brilliant young technician from America, and Cassandra, the ghost of his twin sister as they battle vampires and werewolves.

Shafer is a Cleveland based freelance writer and an armchair detective. His interests include the nineteenth century, WWI aircraft, martial arts, and silent movies.

-- written by Special Products Editor April Helms