The Children's Museum of Cleveland recently opened its summer/fall exhibit, Abracadabra! Everyday Magic, which can be seen through Nov. 30.

As families experience this new exhibit together, both children and adults will come to understand how what may appear to be magic can be explained through principles of math or science.

The main exhibit components, or stations, include:

Perform Magic - Grab a cape and wand and perform magic on a stage where you become the center of attention. Will you be able to disappear into thin air? Pull a rabbit out of a hat? Or entertain everyone with your very own shadow puppet show.

Become a Math Magician - Amaze your friends with card tricks. Sort cards by number or suit. Learn math games such as Sudoku or the Sum of 15. Build amazing domino trails and then watch them fall! Play with different geometric shapes - what can you create?

Experiment with Magic - Camouflage yourself to demonstrate how some animals can disappear into their surroundings. Mystically suspend balls in mid-air. Play with tubes and ramps and right angles to move objects from one place to the next. See an interactive electricity demonstration. Create a chemical reaction using your own body heat. Build and create with magnets. Create a miniature keystone arch by yourself using blocks or grab some friends and cooperate to build a gigantic 5 foot arch together.

Decipher Magic - Use your analytical skills to decode the secret message or utilize rubbings to find the hidden objects.

Magical Movement - See your image distorted in fun mirrors or the world through different colors as you experiment with optical illusions.

The Children's Museum is at 10730 Euclid Avenue in University Circle. The Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Regular admission is $8 for children and adults and free for infants 11 months and younger. For more information about The Children's Museum of Cleveland visit