None Too Fragile opened the world premiere of "Possum Dreams" by Ed Falco June 13.

The play is directed by theater co-artistic director Sean Derry.

Falco, who came to both the opening June 13 show and the June 14 performance, said much of the material in the play "comes from bits and pieces of my own life."

"I am a novelist, I knew a road kill artist, I am a college professor and once, I did have a transgender student in one of my creative writing classes," said Falco, who is probably best known for his book, "The Family Corleone."

Falco said the initial draft "wrote very quickly."

"I wrote it in a few months," he said. "In general, as a writer, things come to me quickly."

While Falco said he has written other plays before, this one is the first that has been performed outside of his home state, West Virginia.

"It's been great," he said of the work to get it onto the None Too Fragile stage. "I've been waiting a long time to get something done."

Falco said he finished another play, called "The Miscreant," last month, and is scheduled to have another book, "Toughs" out Aug. 19. The novel has "all the research I used in 'The Family Corleone.'"

The play stars Andrew Narten and Leighann Niles DeLorenzo, who play a longtime married couple. It is apparent even at the beginning their relationship has hit the rocks. They are both undergoing counseling, with mixed results. As the martinis turn to stronger drinks, the revelations and accusations come tumbling out of both of them, particularly from Walter, a seemingly uptight college professor whose single claim to any fame is a best-selling novel. His wife Jan, who admits she has to be in control of any situation (including an ill-advised proposal to keep their 18-year-old twins safe on prom night). Both husband and wife lose control as the evening progresses. The issue of whether they will come together and try to start again is left up in the air.

Narten and DeLorenzo both make their characters compelling, and turn in powerful performances.

Ticket and show information

"Possum Dreams" can be seen through June 28. Shows are Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.

The None Too Fragile Theater is at 1835 Merriman Road, inside Pub Bricco. Tickets are $20 or pay as you can. Free valet parking is available Friday and Saturday nights.

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None Too Fragile next will stage "Ride" by Eric Lane.


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