CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Orchestra Choruses today announced auditions for the 2014-15 season.  Auditions will take place throughout the spring of 2014.  The Cleveland Orchestra Choruses embody a long-standing commitment to choral music in which community members of all ages may have the opportunity to participate.
The Children’s Choruses are open to students in grades 5-8.  The Children’s Preparatory Chorus is open to students 5th grade and older and the Children’s Chorus 6th grade and older.  Auditions will be held on June 2, 7, and 14, 2014. The Children’s Chorus, formed in 1967, provides musical training in vocal production and choral performance skills. In addition to various annual community concerts, the Children’s Chorus has performed the National Anthem at Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns home games and will perform at Severance Hall with The Cleveland Orchestra in their 2014-15 season subscription and Christmas concerts. For the audition, children will be asked to sing one verse of “America” (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee) with piano accompaniment in the key of his or her choice and one verse of “America the Beautiful” (Oh beautiful for spacious skies) without accompaniment in the key of D. Singing scales and doing some rhythmic exercises may also be included in the audition, for which an accompanist is provided.
Students in grades 9-12 are welcome to audition for the Youth Chorus on May 3, 11, or June 7, 2014. Created in 1991, the Youth Chorus helps raise awareness of choral music-making in the schools of Northeastern Ohio and encourages students to continue their choral activities through college and into adulthood. The Youth Chorus regularly collaborates with outstanding musical ensembles including The Cleveland Orchestra and Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra. Youth Chorus audition requirements are to prepare a piece from the OMEA Solo & Ensemble list, or an equivalent classical solo piece; Broadway or “pop” tunes are not acceptable. In addition to the prepared piece, students will be tested on their vocal range, rhythmic and tonal memory skills, and sight-reading skills. An accompanist is provided at the audition.
The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus is one of the few professionally trained, all-volunteer choruses sponsored by a major American orchestra.  Coming from nearly 50 Northeast Ohio communities, members of the COC perform with the orchestra in subscription and Christmas concerts at Severance Hall. Additionally, the Chorus has appeared with the orchestra on tour (both domestic and abroad), on television and in numerous recordings, four of which have won Grammy awards. Those auditioning are asked to prepare two pieces from the classical literature, one of which should be in a foreign language. Each piece should be approximately two minutes in length. Previous choral experience and sight reading skills are required. An accompanist is provided for the audition.
The Blossom Festival Chorus has established itself as a permanent and beloved annual part of the summer Blossom Festival and has sung well over 100 concerts since its 1968 debut. Those auditioning for the Blossom Festival Chorus are asked to prepare one piece in a foreign language and will be evaluated on sight reading skills. Previous choral experience and sight reading skills are required. An accompanist is provided for the audition.
Auditions for the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus and Blossom Festival Chorus will be held April 16 and 19, 2014.
Auditions for all groups are by appointment only. For more information on the Choruses or to schedule an audition, please visit, email, or call the Chorus Office at 216-231-7374 for Youth and Children’s auditions and  216-231-7372 for adult auditions.