Chagrin Valley Little Theatre will stage John Patrick's comedy "The Curious Savage" under the direction of Laurel Bryant.

"The Curious Savage" follows the misadventures of Mrs. Ethel P. Savage (Priscilla Kaczuk). The charitable widow has been left $10,000,000 dollars by her late husband, and has established a fund to help others make their hopes and dreams come true. However, her greedy adult stepchildren Titus (Bobby Thomas), Lily Belle (Erika Hansen), and Samuel (Craig Gifford), want the money for themselves. Hoping to bring Mrs. Savage to her senses, the children commit her to The Cloisters, a "sanatorium." There she meets a variety of social misfits who need the kind of help Mrs. Savage can provide. There's the motherly Florence (Sue Cohen), the child-like pathological liar Fairy May (Laura Hart), the shy former military pilot Jeffrey (Chris DiMichele), the aspiring but terrible violinist Hannibal (Mark DePompei) and the cantankerous seascape painter, Mrs. Paddy (Lisa Tarr). Managing this zany crew are Dr. Emmett (David Gaines) and nurse/administrator Miss Wilhelmina (Talia Valline). With the help of her new friends, Mrs. Savage conspires to rid herself of the self-seeking stepchildren, leading them on a merry chase and raising the ultimate question of just who the sane people are.

"The Curious Savage" plays on the CVLT main stage at 40 River Street in Chagrin Falls, Friday and Saturday nights at 8 p.m., March 28 through April 12. Tickets are $18 regular, $14 for students and seniors. Reservations are recommended. Tickets for all CVLT productions can be purchased online at or by phone at 440-247-8955 between 1 to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.