Actors-N-Theatre In Cuyahoga Falls will stage its Family Gala, "Dr. Dolittle," March 7 through 16.

This adaptation by Craig Sodaro brings to life the adventures of Dr. John Dolittle and all of his friends both human and animal. The gentle doctor (played by Mark Brown), learns to talk to animals and makes them priority patients in his office, which upsets some such as Mrs. Pollypiper (played by Lynn A. Brown). However, Mrs. Jenkins (played by Hannah Wulff) and Mrs. Dabbley (played by Karen Sauerbrey) are thrilled he can help their sick pets.

Many of his furry and feathered friends are included such as Polynesia (played by Marissa Brigger), Jip (played by Jenna Kull), Gub-Gub (played by Amelia McCauley), Dab-Dab (played by Maura Schneider). Chee-Chee (played by Ellie Polyak) is added to the family after her owner Mr. Antonio (played by Denny Oliver) sells her to the doctor. Some of the animals follow Dr. Dolittle to Africa to cure a tribe of sick monkeys including the King Mish-Mosh (played by Ben Ferda), Queen Kalooki (played by Leah Stanfield). The King and Queen are watched over by their faithful guards (played by Samantha Hampton and Marilyn McClure).

Watch Dr. Dolittle thwart a fierce band of greedy pirates (played by R. J. McClure, Daniel Hickman, Ben Long, Jordan Ricker, Devin Thompson, and Colin Galehouse) which is led by Pirate Ben Ali (played by Claus Siebenhaar.) Dr. Dolittle will join a mission brought to him by Miranda (played by Savannah McCombs) and sail to Popsipetel Island to rescue Professor Long Arrow (played by Chris McCombs), a famous naturalist. On the island he will encounter the natives, Jeka (played by Regan O'Neill), Seka (played by Ali Thompson), Meka (played by Kylee Hollis,) and Teka (played by Audrey Galehouse). These natives are not friendly and threaten to throw Dr. Dolittle and his friends into the volcano. The doctor is helped by a new friend named Buzz (played by Maddie Cugini)

Throughout the adventures Dr. Dolittle is joined by his friends Matthew Mugg (played by Adam Leventhal) and Theodosia Mugg (played by Erin O'Neill). Dr. Dolittle also learns to speak to many animal friends along the way: Smokey/Gigi (played by Shannon Hogan), Jean/Newsgirl (played by Christina Worcester), a two headed lama named Pushmi (played by Aneya Schvartz) and Pullyu (played by Mackenzie Schneider.) He also meets Gull (played by Molly Manning), Two mischievous Rats (played by Chloe Rado and Tyler Hickman), and two sharks (played by Kagan Kopp and Devin Thompson).

While Dr. Dolittle is away there are also money troubles at home, precipitated by the tax collector's greedy wife Mrs. Endicott (played by Emily Hoey), that Sarah Dolittle (played by Linda Knight), the doctor's sister and housekeeper, can hardly deal with.

Dr. Dolittle finally lands in court,where the Judge (played by Benjamin Hammer), Prosecutor Crabtree (played by Denny Semick and Lynn A Brown) and Defense Attorney Mr. Jenkyns (played by Don Howdyshell) and Bailiff (played by Joseph Congrove) try to figure out if Dr. Dolittle is crazy as Mrs. Endicott says. Mrs. Appleby (played by Karen Sauerbrey) tries to help Mrs. Endicott's cause. Thanks to Nedora (played by Samantha Hampton) the Judge learns some important information about Dr. Dolittle that helps save the day. The trial ends with a surprising resolution.

The show is being directed by Liz Hickman, with assistance from Mark Brown.

The show is staged at the Newell Theatre at the Quirk Cultural Center, 1201 Grant Avenue in Cuyahoga Falls. Performances are March 7, 8, 14, 15 at 8 p.m., and March 9 and 16 at 3 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for Students, $6 for Seniors and Children under 12. Tickets will be available at the door.

For details, contact or call 330-971-5665.