From its earliest beginnings, Tallmadge has been a community dedicated to service, volunteerism, political awareness, historical preservation and educational excellence.

Standing the test of time, many organizations active in Tallmadge 50 years ago are still going strong, including the Tallmadge Lions Club.

Business professionals may want to consider joining the Tallmadge Chamber of Commerce or involving themselves with the Tallmadge Rotary Club.

Children in Tallmadge can choose from a number of leadership-building organizations, including Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, Tallmadge Little League and Tallmadge Youth Football.

Parents of youngsters age 5 and younger can find camaraderie with Mothers of Preschoolers, while parents of school-age children can involve themselves with booster organizations or groups like PTA or the Tallmadge Foundation, which promotes and supports educational, cultural and recreational enrichment opportunities for Tallmadge children and adults.

Politically-active individuals can mix with their like-minded brethren by joining, depending on one’s leaning, either the Tallmadge Democratic Club or the Tallmadge Republican Club, while the Tallmadge League of Women Voters offers a nonpartisan political forum to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government.

Those 50 and older with a little free time on their hands may want to do some traveling with the Tallmadge Primetimers. 

An AARP Driver’s Safety Program is offered four times each year for those interested in honing their driving skills.

Groups formed to address specific health-related needs include Life After a Stroke and Stepping Stones, a stroke support group for survivors and their families. New Beginning and New Adventure, social groups geared toward widows and widowers of all ages, meet regularly for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Enjoy reading? Support the Tallmadge Branch Library by joining the Tallmadge Library Association. Graduate from Tallmadge High School? The Tallmadge Alumni Association, the oldest, continually-meeting high school alumni association in the U.S. could use some helping hands. Can’t get enough of history? Check into the Tallmadge Historical Society or the Tallmadge Civil War Society. Belong to a Masonic organization? Yusef-Khan Grotto hosts fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for children with cerebral palsy and other special needs. Serve in the U.S. Armed Forces during wartime? The Kneil-Lawrentz Chapter of the American Legion, Post 255 and Auxiliary, would welcome veterans to volunteer at area VA hospitals or help spearhead community and youth projects.

When it comes to community involvement, it’s clear to see the city of Tallmadge has something for just about every taste and interest.