Tallmadge has always been a community which upholds its traditions and embraces its past.

Respect for history and the desire to preserve the elements of the past are fostered by the Tallmadge Historical Society and reflected in beautiful Circle Park, at the heart of the city. The Historic Church and Old Town Hall, the two buildings gracing the park, offer a glimpse back into the city’s earlier days and serve as a reminder of the efforts of those who settled here to establish a community.

Preservation of the historic Circle area has become a priority for city government, with the establishment of the Design Control District and the formation of the Design Control Board to enforce the district’s standards. While encouraging the development of residential, commercial and industrial areas within the district, the board also channels those construction efforts in such a way as to enhance the beauty of the area.

In 2007, the city passed an ordinance to preserve century-old and century-like structures, offering an incentive in the form of the Heritage Preservation Grant Program which allows owners of these homes and structures to apply for a $1,000 grant every five years to be used for paint and related supplies.

Tradition has a foothold in the Tallmadge community calendar, with annual events such as the Memorial Day Parade and the Tallmadge High School Alumni Banquet marked as special occasions. Both events have been celebrated in the city for more than 200 years.

Newer "traditions" are also near and dear to the hearts of residents: Santa at the Community Center, the Little League Parade, the lighting of the Circle with luminaries for September 11 and lights to usher in the holiday season, the annual Veterans Day Service and the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.

There are many things which make a city a true community — a blending of efforts, a sense of tradition accompanied by a vision of the future, a harmonious relationship among those who work and those who live here. 

Tallmadge has it all.