Names of band members, plus ages and where they live:

Matt Diener (15, Hudson); Jason Alexander (15, Hudson); Ari Basu (16, Hudson); Derek Hess (15, Hudson); and Matt Bisbee (16, Hudson)

Have you competed in the Rock-Off in the past?


What do you hope to accomplish during your Rock Off performance?

We would be really happy to just put on a show that gets the crowd excited and really cheering. To get the new music we've been working on out there would be good enough, but if we advanced to the second round, that would be a dream come true, especially if we end up winning

What obstacles did you have to overcome to make it into the Rock Off?

We ran into a couple of issues recording our audition CD because we don't have access to a recording studio or anything like that, but we were happy with the finished product. We also had to pay sixty bucks

Give a brief history of how your band came together:

There was a year where the band didn't really do much. Jason and me (Matt Diener) cycled through a few different other guys, looking for a reliable drummer, but eventually we got the pieces that we needed together.

What are your musical influences?

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Jack White, Weezer, Muse

Where else have you played?

We played at a music festival down in Vermilion this Summer, but other than that we mostly play parties.

What would be a dream come true for your band?

If we won the Rock-off that would be great, there are a lot of opportunities that come with that, and we would be super excited to have those. Also, we've always dreamed of playing a stadium. That thrill would be incomparable.