Canton - The Department of Theology of Malone University's faculty will present a series of lectures on The Saint John's Bible each Tuesday beginning January 21 through February 11. The lectures are scheduled to take place at the museum located at 1001 Market Ave North in Canton, Ohio, from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

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The complete schedule is as follows:

Date: 1/21/14

Title: The Saint John's Bible and Isaiah's Vision in the Temple

Presenter: Joel Soza, D.Th., professor of biblical studies

Description: "This lecture will introduce the Saint John's Bible and provide a commentary on the illumination of Isaiah's Vision in the Temple as recorded in Isa.5:26-6:6."


Date: 1/28/14

Title: Imaging the Divine: John 1 and The Word Made Flesh

Presenter: Suzanne Nicholson, Ph.D., associate professor of biblical studies

Description: "How does one picture the divine? This lecture will explore the connections between John's verbal description of the incarnate Christ and the visual portrayal found in the St. John's Bible."


Date: 2/4/14

Title:  The Vision of the New Jerusalem:  Saints as a Space and not Space for Saints

Presenter: Duane Watson, Ph.D., professor of New Testament studies

Description:  "The lecture explores the Vision of the New Jerusalem within the cosmology and symbolism of apocalyptic literature and how the illumination in the Saint John's Bible might have looked from that perspective."


Date: 2/11/14

Title: Imaging the Divine, Part 2: The Inaugural Vision of Ezekiel

Presenter: D. Nathan Phinney, Ph.D., dean of the College of Theology, Arts, and Sciences; associate professor of biblical studies

Description: The famous 'throne chariot' vision of Ezekiel 1 attempts the very difficult task of portraying the God of the Hebrew Bible.  This lecture will investigate this text in its literary and Ancient Near Eastern contexts.  Ezekiel illuminations from the St. John's Bible, as well as other artistic depictions of this passage will be discussed with an eye toward connecting theology and art.

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