Band members (include ages and instrument): Nikki Beckham: Lead Vocals, piano and guitar, Sophomore at Hudson High School; Andy Shafer: Drums, Vocals, Sophomore at Cuyahoga Falls High School; Claire Penney: Bass, Vocals, 8th Grader at Holy Family; Dominic Merlitti: Guitar, Vocals, Freshman at St. Vincent/St. Mary; Ellis Beckham: Cello, 8th Grader at Hudson Middle School

Years together: almost a year.

Type of music: Pop/Rock/Country

Favorite bands/influences: Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Counting Crows, Maroon 5, Pink, Fun, The Black Keys, Alicia Keys.

Prior years in the Rock Off: First time for everyone in the band.

Best song and why: "Don't Think Just Go" is probably the best song. It has a catchy retro pop sound with a modern form and is also the title of the band.

Why you think you can win: This is a great opportunity to take the stage and see if we can truly be the best live show. We hope to do just that. We also think the judges will want to hear more of our catchy pop mix in the finals.