Names of band members, ages and where they live:

Anthony Lupica, age 17 from Hudson (guitar); Jake Gambatese, age 17 from Aurora (lead vocals); Ryan Task, age 17, from Aurora (guitar); Nick Barker, age 16, from Hudson (drums); Trent DeAnna, age 17, from Aurora (bass)

Have you competed in the Rock Off in the past? If so, how far did you advance?

The only person from the band who has played the Rock Off before is Anthony Lupica. For everyone else it will be their first time. Last year Dead Fall only got to the semi-finals of the competition.

What do you hope to accomplish during your Rock Off performance?

We hope to put on a great performance in the semi-finals, hopefully advance to the finals and try in win the whole thing. Our priority is to rock the House of Blues in a matter of 20 minutes.

What obstacles did you have to overcome to make it into the Rock Off?

The only obstacle was finding a bass player in high school. We finally stumbled upon Trent and everything seemed to work out.

Give a brief history of how your band came together

The latest version of Dead Fall came together around late August. With our lead singer and rhythm guitar player leaving for college in Nashville, we were in dire need to find replacements. Recommended by a friend we came across Jake Gambatese, in which he became our singer. Jake then brought in his friend Ryan Task to play guitar. Since then, we have played a few shows and wrote some new songs for the Rock Off this year.

What are your musical influences?

Foo Fighters, Nirvana, the Wonder Years, the Story So Far, Blink-182. Pretty much punk rock and alternative music are our biggest influences.

Where else have you played?

The Cleveland Agora, Peabody's, the Outpost in Kent, Musica, Ripper Owens Tap House

What would be a dream come true for your band?

A dream come true would be to get on tour with a Punk rock band like The Story So Far or the Wonder Years and play all over the country in smaller venues and eventually get on Warped Tour.