Want more book recommendations from local authors? Here are more books available, penned by writers living in Northeast Ohio. This is Part 2 of 2; the first installment ran last week.

The Tower of Babel

by G.T. Anders


Ripening Books


"The Tower of Babel" is the second book of Kent author G.T. Anders' Vaulan Cycle. In the story, Austin Feckidee wants to make it as an artist. He has the talent, the grant, and the studio space in the city. If only he could shake his past--the strange work he did with a few friends at an abandoned church in the countryside. Now, that past is staring him in the face again. Stella, the ringleader of the old operation, has sent him a letter begging him to return to the work that failed utterly three years ago.

The Great Cover-Up

by Joy Trachsel




Joy Trachsel of Twinsburg said that for years, she was a happy-enough, contented-enough suburban mom. That changed in 2010, when she began working at a homeless shelter, opening her eyes to see "the least of these" and sharing her heart with the down and out. In "The Great Cover-Up," she said she shares the lessons she's learned about listening to God, discovering a calling, sharing the good news of Jesus, and building a "missional entourage" for the journey.

Trachel called the book "a labor of love."

"This passion has also inspired me to begin a new ministry called Parallel Ministries along with another speaker from Hudson," Trachel said.

A Deadly Ruse

by Linda Lonsdorf




Linda Lonsdorf, born in Akron, is a retired high school English and speech instructor. She resides in Green and Florida with her husband and Shih Tzu, Buddy. Her lifelong passion for reading as well as her love for suspense and drama led her to write her first novel, "Family Threat."

In her novel "A Deadly Ruse," Doug Conrad was an A+ investigator of repute in the Akron Police Department, who later moved on from government service to found Conrad Confidential, a nationally-recognized detective agency. He is hired to find those responsible for the murder of his client's elderly mother, but the case leads to nowhere until Eddie Flatt and Bobby Forwark -- crooks who specialize in scamming aged widows -- try to pull a fast one in a ladies' Bible study.

The 11:15 Bench

by Paul Kijinski


Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords


Northfield Center resident Paul Kijinski is the author of the novel "Camp Limestone," a winner of the 2007 Paterson Prize for Books for Young Readers, and other works of middle grade fiction. "The 11:15 Bench" is his first novel for adult readers. He said he began writing seriously while serving as a missile officer in the U.S. Air Force. Kijinski is currently an elementary school teacher in South Euclid. He lives with his wife, Eileen, and they have two adult sons.

In "The 11:15 Bench," Roger Jakubiak isn't where he thought he would be at age 45: single, predictable, and working as an eighth-grade social studies teacher in the same Cleveland area school district from which he graduated. Now a suspected brain aneurysm enters the picture to remind Roger that his life is more than half-spent, and that the vacuum at its center could only be filled by his first love, Regina Tucci. Roger becomes obsessed with the idea of reconnecting with Regina after a 25-year absence.

Not My Mother's Son

by R.K. Avery


Brighton Publishing LLC


"Not My Mother's Son" is Northeast Ohio resident R.K. Avery's second book. In this story, David Miller thought kidnapping three children was the most appalling and horrendous thing any human being could do and his mother couldn't possibly do anything more monstrous. It turns out he is wrong.


by Peg Robinson


RoseDog Books


Akron author Peg Robinson said her lifetime love of books began when her father read stories to her when she was just a little girl. When asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, she always said "I'm going to write books for kids."

"Pegtales" is a book with 12 short stories. These stories are for kids to read and for reading to kids from 4 to 10 years of age. There is a story about a crow and a bucket of red paint, a toad and a kitten crossing the road, a very scary encounter between a young boy and a shark. There is even a story about a singing snake and a bug band.

Dying to Dream

by Kathryn Long


Mainly Murder Press


Barberton native Kathryn Long published "Dying To Dream" this summer. Jack Robesaux is dead. Is it suicide? Or possibly murder? Marin Seurat has come home to Saint Toulere, Louisiana and by using her special gift -- the ability to communicate with spirits through her dreams -- she will help solve mysteries from both the past and present.

Kitty Tails and Horses Hooves

by Linda Lehmann Masek


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Northfield resident Linda Lehmann Masek recently penned a nonfiction, animal tale, spiritual in origin, that features, not just humans, but cats, horses, dogs, squirrels and many other creatures set in the Northeastern Ohio areas of Chagrin Falls, Russell, Brecksville, Northfield, and Elyria.

Settled by farmers more than 200 years ago, the regions became the center of the horse breeding industry in the northern part of Ohio. With the horses and the stables came another animal originally important to control the mouse population that flourished in the barns. These animals were cats who lived alongside the horses and made friends with the people who came out on weekends to ride at the local stables.

It is about these cats and their history that this book is written, their backgrounds, stories, lives and the effect they had on people such as the author, who is a "cat" person. Besides having four cats of her own, she was a "cat rescuer" in three different horse barns in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, for almost thirty years.

Masek has had four novels previously published; a children's book, "Mag-ni-fi-cat," "The Poison Tree," from Amazon Books and two romantic-suspense novels from Fireside Books titled "Soul Dance" and "The Serpent-Sea." She has also been a collaborator on two other nonfiction books, "AT&T's Pioneers Celebrating 100 Years of Fellowship, Loyalty, and Service" and "The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History."

Jack Grout: A Legacy in Golf

by Dick Grout, with Bill Winter


Blue River Press


William L. Winter, a Hudson resident, recently co-authord a book on Jack Grout, who is credited for teaching Jack Nicklaus how to play golf. Grout was his sole instructor for four decades as Nicklaus established himself as the game's greatest-ever champion. Winter collaborated on the book with Grout's son, Dick, a golf pro in South Carolina.

The Marvelous Misadventures of the Fab Five

by Aiden Shugert


US Super Teen

Eleven-year-old Aiden Shugert of Broadview Heights always loved to write, but never knew what to do with his stories. He decided to pre-sell copies of his book to pay for the book production -- and pre-sold 29 copies of his book in five hours. Between the money from this pre-sale, and cash he earned shoveling cow manure on the farm, Aiden was able to make his dream come true, and publish his collection of short stories, "The Marvelous Misadventures of the Fab Five."

"The stories are about five friends and their journeys to outer space using their superhuman strengths," explains Aiden, who started sixth grade this fall.

"The Marvelous Misadventures of the Fab Five" is available at Amazon.com.

The Unexpected Gift

by Berna King


WestBow Press


Local to Canton, Berna King doesn't feel being blind has hindered her much at all. King was born with no sight but still participated in 4-H, horseback riding and speech and debate team as a child. Two years ago, she felt called to reach to others about her experiences as a blind woman. This book was the result.

Thelma's Diary, 1935

by Thelma F. Dyke, with contributions from Joyce M. Wiedie




When Thelma Dyke took a 192-day voyage around the world in 1935 with her sister, she kept a diary of her experiences, a diary she would later give to Tallmadge resident Chuck Wiedie, her nephew. Joyce Wiedie, Chuck's wife, decided to have the diary published as a tribute to her aunt.

"She gave us the diary and the rosary printed on the dust jacket over many years ago," Wiedie said. "My contribution to the book is the prologue, the final chapter, the glossary and the dust jacket cover, but did not change the words from the original diary."

Destinations included Hawaii, Japan, Italy, China and India.