One day to film, with about $450, a week to write the script and a month total to put together.

This was what it took to film the short movie "Windmill," which won several awards at the Open Frame Film Festival at Malone University this past spring. The movie, directed by Hudson resident Tony Davis, a 2008 graduate of Hudson High School, won for Best Film (Davis and Brook Pittinger), Best Sound Design (Davis and Justin Lovett) and Best Lead Actor (Pittinger). The movie runs just under seven minutes.

"There isn't a specific plot to the short film," Davis said. "On screen it's about a guy trying to get a glass of water in the desert. However, the meaning of Windmill is about how we as humans continue to strive or obtain things in life we want or need, but never seem to get them. We still continue to try despite the failure."

Davis is currently studying sports management and business at Malone University, and is scheduled to graduate this December.

Davis said he planned to enter "Windmill," which was produced and filmed in Los Angeles, in several more film festivals.

"As of right now we have submitted Windmill in three festivals," Davis said. "They are the 15th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival which takes place Oct. 25 to Oct. 26. The second festival is the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival which takes place Sept. 27 to Sept. 29. The third is Columbus International Film and Video Festival which takes place from Nov. 7 to Nov. 17. We haven't heard back about whether or not we have been accepted into them. Milwaukee and Chicago will be letting us know in July and August respectively. We are also playing on submitting to a few other festivals around the country depending on the funds we can receive. The next festival on our list to submit to is the Ohio Independent Film Festival which is held from Nov. 7 to Nov. 10. We are also planning on submitting Windmill to the Canton Film Festival in Canton which takes place this Fall 2013."

Davis said the film is not available on DVD since he is trying to enter the short film into film festivals. He added that he had other ideas he would like to pursue in the future, but was concentrating now on completing his studies.


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