ANTIC opens its 30th year in theater and 20th season at the Quirk Cultural Center in Cuyahoga Falls with their traditional Family Gala, "The Princess Who Had No Name," by Brian D. Taylor.

The family adventure, which opens March 8, follows the Princess (Haley Calhoun) as she awakes in the forest to find she can't remember her name or how she got there. She is startled by Hansel (Samuel McCombs) and Gretel (Bella Fothergill). The Princess asks them for help, but they are being chased by the Forest Witch (Shari Schneider) and they can't stay. The sound of singing in the forest draws the Princess to Rumpelstiltskin (Larry McWilliams). He also is no help and sends the Princess on her way.

Unknown to the Princess, Prince Reveille (Mike Hazel) is searching for her. He seems to always be one step behind her. He finds out that the Princess has been seen by Goldilocks (Hailey Donatelli), Snow White (Molly Ann), and the Seven Dwarves (George McWilliams, Colin Galehouse, Nick Ferda, Ben Ferda, Devin Thompson, R.J. McClure, and Ellie Polyak). Staying with the dwarves are the Three Bears (Mark Brown, Regina McWilliams, and Maddy Gallagher). No fairy tale would be complete with the villains. The evil Queen of the West (Pat Stupi) and the Evil Fairy (Helen McWilliams) add mayhem to the story.

The Princess meets Rapunzel (Emily Hoey), Cinderella (Maria Macaluso), the Fairy Godmother (Karen Sauerbrey), Prince Hercules (Ryan M. Dyke), Prince Adonis (Chris McCombs) and Prince Swavay (David Horner). The Princess stops to help the Queen of the North (Danielle Clarke) and her Herald (Ben Hammer), Nurse (Linda Knight) and Steward (Jenna Kull) before continuing on her journey. The good fairies (Audrey Galehouse, McKenzie Schneider, Laura McWilliams, and Ali Thompson) protect the Princess. The King of the South (Dennis Dumont) and Queen of the South (Lynn A. Brown) wait to see if their missing daughter could indeed be the Princess Who Had No Name.

The show is directed by Liz Hickman.

Performance dates and times are Fridays and Saturdays, March 8, 9, 15 and 16, at 8 p.m. and March 10 and 17 at 3 p.m.

The home of ANTIC is the Newell Theatre, on the third floor of the Quirk Cultural Center, 1201 Grant Ave. in Cuyahoga Falls. Tickets are available at the door for all shows; there are no pre-show ticket sales.

Ticket prices are $10 for adults, $8 for students, and $6 for seniors and children under 12.

For show information, call 330-971-5665.